Directors’ Lab 2018: Call for Submissions

Directors’ Lab 2016. Photo: Tim Matheson.

Rumble Theatre invites applications from emerging directors to participate in the sixth installment of Directorsʼ Lab, a series of in-studio workshops, rehearsals, investigations and roundtable discussions facilitated by a Master Director. This yearʼs Lab will be facilitated by Canadian director Weyni Mengesha and will be held February 27 – March 3, 2018 at Progress Lab 1422 (PL1422) in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Directorsʼ Lab is a workshop for emerging directors who want to get rigorous with the foundations of their craft, unhindered by production and scenographic considerations. Using an established text as a working model, the Lab will focus on the director’s preparation process, early stages of rehearsal and assessment and critique of the work. Over five days, participants will discuss principles of directing, examine and analyze a text, rehearse scenes with an ensemble of actors and reflect on the processes.  (more…)

The Society for the Destitute Presents Titus Bouffonius: Talkbacks and Speaker Series

Peter Anderson in The Society for the Destitute Presents Titus Bouffonius. Photo: Tim Matheson.

Peter Anderson in The Society for the Destitute Presents Titus Bouffonius. Photo: Tim Matheson.

As part of our world premiere production of The Society for the Destitute Presents Titus Bouffonius, we’re thrilled to be able to offer two exciting post-show events to our audience: Talkbacks and our Speaker Series.

We’ll be hosting three talkbacks (Nov 24, Nov 26 matinee & Nov 28) and two Speaker Series sessions (Nov 29 & 30) during the run. The talkbacks and Speaker Series are FREE and will take place immediately after the performance.

If you’re seeing the show on a different date but want to attend a post-show chat, please come to The Cultch at 9:30pm on one of the talkback/Speaker Series evenings or at 3:30pm for the Nov 26 talkback.



At the talkbacks you’ll be able to chat with members of the creative team, ask questions, and share your thoughts on what you’ve just seen on stage. It’s a great opportunity to get the stories from behind the scenes and discover details about what interested you most about the show. It’s also a chance for us, the artists and producers, to hear your valuable feedback.

For this production we’ve invited three talented young artists to moderate the talkbacks. We hope you can join us for one of these intimate and thought-provoking conversations.

Nov. 24: Brian Cochrane, creator, director, and performer

Nov. 26 matinee: Jamie King, director

Nov. 28: Anjela Magpantay, co-founder of New(to)Town Collective


Speaker Series

Our popular Speaker Series, which began with our 2013 production of Penelope, is back to offer audience members the chance to learn more about and delve a bit deeper into some of the themes seen in the show.

We’re thrilled to have C.W. Marshall as our guest speaker for The Society for the Destitute Presents Titus Bouffonius. He’ll be presenting his talk “Smashing Genres: Violence, Humour, and Titus after both the November 29th and 30th performances.

C.W. Marshall

C.W. Marshall

C.W. Marshall is Professor of Greek at the University of British Columbia. He writes about ancient performance conventions, and how classical ideas persist in modern popular culture, especially television and comics. He has directed plays by Tony Harrison and Tom Stoppard, and has acted in various Shakespeare productions, playing Marc Antony and Bassanio in St. John’s, Newfoundland, and Polonius in Vancouver.

The Society for the Destitute Presents Titus Bouffonius

Peter Anderson in The Society for the Destitute Presents Titus Bouffonius. Photo: Tim Matheson.

Peter Anderson in The Society for the Destitute Presents Titus Bouffonius. Photo: Tim Matheson.

by Colleen Murphy
Adapted from William Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus
Produced by Rumble Theatre and presented by The Cultch

November 22 – December 3, 2017
The Historic Theatre at The Cultch, 1895 Venables Street, Vancouver, BC



Here’s what the critics said about the show:

The Society for the Destitute Presents Titus Bouffonius is deranged, darkly funny, and perverse, but its subversiveness also serves a purpose, and it makes for an unforgettable experience” — Andrea Warner, The Georgia Straight

“I can’t recommend this show enough” — Paul Durras, BC BookWorld

The Society for the Destitute Presents Titus Bouffonius encourages us to get comfortable with discomfort, to revel in the outrageous and to trade our tears for laughter” — Lauren Donnelly, Vancouver Weekly

“I can’t remember the last time I saw a show that got me so excited I thought I might lose my marbles” — Colin Thomas,

“If you need a really good laugh and you’re okay with dark, grisly, bloody, grotesque, rude and crude – all wrapped up in the French clowning style called bouffon – you will love Titus Bouffonius as much as I did” — Jo Ledingham,

“This show is smart. The heady mix of bouffon revelry and Shakespearean trauma is fuel for an edgy comedy, and playwright Colleen Murphy has dug deep into both worlds to concoct an experiential feast” — Chelsey Stuyt, Vancouver Presents

The Society for the Destitute Presents Titus Bouffonius at first presents itself as a chaotic project by confused misfits, but in reality it is an intelligent (if not eloquent) commentary on the Shakespearean classic and the complexities of the world which we navigate” — Ljudmila Petrovic, SAD MAG

The Society for the Destitute Presents Titus Bouffonius might give you a lot to talk about the next day…we were all pretty much speechless” — Tiva Quinn,



Click here for more details about the show

AGM-apalooza 2017


Join us on Tuesday, November 14th as we partner with Neworld Theatre, Electric Company Theatre, The Chop Theatre, and Hardline Productions for the 2017 installment of AGM-apalooza, the season’s most exhilarating non-theatrical theatrical event. You’ll get the inside intelligence on where these five companies are now, and where they’re going next.

There will be a speedy, tag-team AGM session at 7pm, followed by break-out meetings for each company. Join us in the Rumble office to vote for our new Board and check out our financials while eating snacks with friends. Please note that while the AGM is wheelchair accessible, the Rumble office is located up a set of stairs.



AGM-apalooza 2017
When: Tuesday, November 14, 2017. Doors at 6pm, AGMs begin at 7pm.
Where: PL1422, 1422 William Street, Vancouver, BC
Admission: Entry is $5 and gets you membership to all 5 companies.

There will be a cash bar, too, so please remember to bring all your coins and bills. (No ATM on site, sorry.)

No official RSVP necessary, but you can let us know if you’re coming via our Facebook event.