Directors’ Lab

The work of a director can be summed up in two very simple words. Why and How.

Peter Brook

Rumble Theatre’s Emerging Directors’ Lab is a series of in-studio workshops, rehearsals, investigations and roundtable discussions facilitated by a Master Director. It is a workshop for Vancouver-based emerging directors who want to get rigorous with the foundations of their craft, unhindered by production and scenographic considerations. Using an established text as a working model, the Lab focuses on the director’s preparation process, early stages of rehearsal and assessment and critique of the work. Over five days, participants discuss principles of directing, examine and analyze a text, rehearse scenes with an ensemble of actors and reflect on the processes.

This new iteration of Directors’ Lab is an exciting component of Rumble’s Mentorship Program, designed to catalyze relationships between emerging and established artists and facilitate young artists’ transition to a professional career.

The Lab is open to emerging artists who want to engage in a rigorous exchange about the craft of directing. Rumble defines emerging artist as a theatre practitioner who is within five years of their professional debut. The ideal emerging artist has completed (or nearly completed) formalized training, might not yet be a full member of a professional artists’ association (e.g. CAEA) and intends on making their living in the theatre (alternatively defined as an artist who self-identifies as “young-in-craft”). Applicants must be able to demonstrate some experience as a director, a passion for the craft and a willingness to dedicate time to the lab process.

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