The Living Room

Rumble Theatre invites all artists who self-identify as “emerging” to join us for a fun and stimulating evening of conversation and community-building. The Living Room is a mixer-slash-mingler-slash-meeting for young artists to engage with one another on topics that are important to them and to connect, network and share news in a casual and fun environment.

0789 doris day rock hudson laugh at kitchen table set_c_leo_fuchs_photography_www.leofuchs.comOur next roundtable will be held on Monday December 2, 2013 from 7 to 9pm at PL1422 (1422 William Street).

Our topic for the evening will be self-producing. Wanting to work but not interested in waiting for the phone to ring? That’s the position so many young artists find themselves in and decide to produce their own work. We’re not going to talk about the ins and outs of forming a company – which is something else entirely – but about the challenges of starting from scratch as producers of your own independent work.

Guest speaker will be local director and theatre dude, Amiel Gladstone. He has a knack for making the magic happen and knows what it’s like to generate your own momentum.Topics and guest speakers will be announced shortly, so stay tuned!

New artist in town? Trying to find your way in the theatre world? Looking to meet more young theatre folk? Come join us! (We’ll have some snacks. BYOB, if you like.)

Rumble Theatre defines an “emerging artist” as a theatre practitioner (actor, designer, stage manager, technician, director) who is within five years of their professional debut. The ideal emerging artist has completed (or nearly completed) formalized training, is not yet a full member of a professional artists’ association (ex. CAEA) and intends on making their living in the theatre. Alternatively defined as an artist who self-identifies as “young-in-craft”.

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  1. I’d like to access your emerging artist roundtable. I would describe myself as “young-in-craft” although not in years. I’m a writer who has begun to produce and mount his own work locally.

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