The Living Room


Cats for the Living RoomThe Living Room is a mixer-slash-mingler-slash-meeting for emerging artists to hear from established artists on topics that are important to our theatre community. Connect, network, and share news in a casual and fun environment. Rumble Theatre invites all artists who self-identify as “emerging” to join us for these fun and stimulating evenings of conversation and community-building. Each event is centred around a specific theme.

All Living Room events start at 7pm and are held in the PL1422 studio (1422 William Street, Vancouver). The Living Room is free-of-charge and no advance sign-up is required.


The 2016-2017 Living Rooms

September 26, 2016 — Festivals: So many, so awesome.

How do festivals contribute to the theatre community? What is involved in producing one? What kind of theatre works in different festivals? How can they inspire you?

Our guests David Jordan (Executive Director of the Vancouver Fringe Festival) and Joyce Rosario (Associate Curator of the PuSh International Performing Arts Festival) will talk about their respective festivals: how they’re built, how they work, and how you can engage with them.

Conversation moderated by Marie Farsi, freelance director and co-AD of Babelle Theatre.

November 28, 2016 — Babies and Theatre: starting a family and building a career at the same time!

Can you have a family and a career in theatre? Will you ever work again? How can arts workers afford to have babies?

Guest artists Reneltta Arluk (actor, director, and Artistic Director of Akpik Theatre in Yellowknife, NT) and Andrew McNee (award-winning Vancouver stage actor) will discuss how they negotiate family life and work life, how those things overlap, and how having children has affected their craft.

Conversation moderated by actor, director, and playwright Kim Sənklip Harvey.

February 28, 2017 — Making theatre with your friends. And staying friendly.

What happens when work and friendship mixes? How do you keep a friendship healthy when the work is hard (or vice versa)? Do friends make the best colleagues?

When we make our own work, we usually do it with our friends. So we’re going to talk to a couple of artists who have put their friendship on the line to make great work together: Marcus Youssef (actor, playwright, and Artistic Director of Neworld Theatre) and James Long (actor and co-Artistic Director of Theatre Replacement).

Conversation moderated by Chelsea Haberlin, director and co-Artistic Producer of Itsazoo Productions.

May 15, 2017 — Private = public: putting your own story onstage.

What’s the cost of making a play about yourself? What if you’re not a “playwright” but you have a great story to tell? Where do you find the courage to share your personal secrets?

Inside everyone is a story. And sometimes that story ends up onstage as a one-person show!  Come hear guest artists Tetsuro Shigematsu (playwright, performer for Empire of the Son) and Emelia Symington-Fedy (performer, co-creator for Motherload) talk about their processes of turning personal history into public theatre.

Conversation moderated by Pedro Chamale, playwright, performer and co-AD of rice & beans theatre.


(Want a hard copy of this season’s Living Room program? You can download one here: The Living Room 2016-17: guest artists and topics