Tremors: The Creative Teams

A few weeks ago, we had the pleasure of introducing the three directors of our Tremors shows. Now we’d like to announce the other amazing emerging artists who have joined the creative teams. We’ll be providing a more in-depth introduction to each artist soon, but in the meantime, please say hello to this talented bunch!

This is War
by Hannah Moscovitch

Featuring: Kate Dion-Richard, Matt Reznek, Zac Scott, Munish Sharma
Director: Katrina Darychuk
Production Designer: Rae Takei
Sound Designer: James Coomber
Stage Manager: Aidan Hammond

by Harry Gibson
adapted from the novel by Irvine Welsh

Featuring: Brett Harris, Pippa Johnstone, Kenton Klassen, Joel D. Montgrand
Director: Ulla Laidlaw
Production Designer: Jessie van Rijn
Sound Designer: Andrew Cohen
Stage Manager: Chantele Fry

The 4th Graders Present an Unnamed Love-Suicide
by Sean Graney

Featuring: Aaron Holt, Emilie Leclerc, Julie Leung, Samantha Rose Richard, Sarah Roa, Naomi Vogt, Conor Wylie
Director: Marie Farsi
Production Designer: Jessica Oostergo
Lighting Designer: Brett Willis
Sound Designer: Julie Casselman
Stage Manager: Kate Prefontaine
Assistant Stage Manager: Monica Emme

Tremors Set and Props Builder: Triane Tambay

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