2015/16 Living Rooms

Are you an emerging artist? Do you want to meet other emerging artists? Hang out? Talk about important stuff? The Living Room is a spiffy get-together that Rumble holds a few times a year where you can do that. We spread out some rugs in our studio, play some music, eat chips and drink cheap beer. We invite a couple of established artists from the professional theatre community to join us, so it’s your chance to get to know them, too! Each night will take on a different topic to learn more about the business and helps us dig deeper into our art. It’s informative, inspiring and fun. You should join us!

September 14 – 7:00 pm

CAEA Membership: what’s up with that?

What is involved in joining Equity? Is it right for you? What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a member? Will it help your career?

Come hear guest artists: Scott Bellis (accomplished Vancouver actor and CAEA National Councillor) and Maiko Bae Yamamoto (co-artistic director of Theatre Replacement and longtime non-CAEA member) talk about the ins and outs of being both in and out of Canadian Actors Equity Association.

Conversation moderated by Mack Gordon – freelance actor and director.

November 16 – 7:00 pm

Film & Theatre: friends or enemies (or frenemies)?

In Vancouver, should you try to have a career in both? Is one better? How does one serve or affect the other? Do you have to choose?

Guest artists Omari Newton (critically-acclaimed playwright/actor and series regular on Showcase’s “Continuum”) and Jennifer Copping (Leo Award-winning actor and accomplished Vancouver stage actor) will discuss how they have balanced working in both mediums and how it has affected the way they approach their craft.

Conversation moderated by Pippa Mackie – freelance theatre and film actor.

March 21 – 7:00 pm

Running a Company (like a boss!)

Should I form a company? How will I get funding? How is creating work as an artist different than creating work as an artist/administrator/producer?

Seems like nearly everyone has their own company, so let’s talk to a couple of artists who have been at it for a while: Jovanni Sy (Artistic Director at the Richmond Gateway Theatre) and Kendra Fanconi (Artistic Director of The Only Animal).

Conversation moderated by Christine Quintana – Artistic Director of Delinquent Theatre.

May 16 – 7:00 pm

Working Nationally – get outta town!

What’s it like to work outside of Vancouver? Is it different? What does it take to get yourself over the Rockies?

Canada is freaking huge! Does that mean there are more opportunities further east? Come hear guest artists Itai Erdal (lighting designer/performer with experience working nationally and internationally) and Meg Roe (local actor and director who works regularly in Vancouver and across Canada) talk about their experiences working outside Vancouver.

Conversation moderated by Corey Payette – Artistic Director of Urban Ink Productions.


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