Artists-in-Residence Showings at the Havana

February 27 – 29, 2020
Performances at 7:30pm
Havana Theatre at 1212 Commercial Drive, Vancouver

Check out the Facebook event here

Tickets: Pay-What-You-Decide online or at the door. All proceeds go to the Unist’ot’en legal fund in solidarity with the Wet’suwet’en land defenders.

Join us at the Havana Theatre for a weekend of exciting work-in-progress showings. Come out and see what some of our Artists-in-Residence have been up to lately.


Living With
Thurs Feb 27

The “Living With” team.

An interdisciplinary piece that explores the concept of dichotomy in terms of “natural” vs. “unnatural” and our aim to seek balance and find the “in-between.” The collaborators include Sierra Tasi Baker (director); Dae Nneka and Kor Kase of AfroVan Connect (music); Her Tribal Roots’ Alyssa Amarshi, Orin T. McRey, and Marisa Gold (movement); Rosie Thornbush (clowning); and Anja Novkovic (visual art).




Todd Simmons.

Selected Memories
Fri Feb 28

Selected Memories is a DJ set where the audience participates as the selector, choosing records from Todd Simmons’ (aka Rod Skimmins) collection. Todd responds by sharing the entertaining and deeply personal memories and stories that reside within each piece of vinyl.




Sat Feb 29

Immigrant Lessons in Origins/Lula-Belle Jedynak

The dance-art collective Immigrant Lessons presents Origins, a dance-theatre-visual media-immersive exploration into a past that leaves echoes in the present. Seven artists dive into their unique stories, and journey through intersections of identity, to uncover the similarities.

How do we sift away the debris of generations ago? How do we stand in the truths of how it has affected us in the present? How do we hold space for one another as we peel back the layers of traumas passed down? How do we coexist?

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