Call for Submissions: Tremors Festival 2020

Rumble is currently seeking proposals for our 2020 TREMORS Festival. Tremors will take place in Vancouver from October 20 – 31, 2020 (Exact dates TBD).

Submissions are due by February 1, 2020. EXTENDED DEADLINE of February 8, 2020.

The objective of the Tremors Festival is to provide artists with space and support to showcase works-in-development invested in decolonial artistic process. We believe that decolonization takes on different meanings and embodiments unique to the individual artist and the ways in which colonization has impacted their lived experience, and so does not adhere to any one definition. We do, however, offer the following framework that Rumble works under as an example:

  • Breaking down the conventions the individual artist has come to recognize as norms, including a depth of analyzing one’s own positionality in the creation of a work.
  • Conscious use of dramaturgical frameworks to represent the artistic question through performance style.
  • Centering reciprocity as a value between key artists and collaborators, and performance and audience.

Selected projects will be featured during the festival (October 2020) and will receive technical, production, promotional, and artistic support. In addition to a presentation fee, festival artists also receive an unlimited artist pass, allowing them to see the work of their peers throughout the festival. Local (Vancouver based) projects will also have access to development space in late July-August 2020, as well as long-term project planning mentorship.


We are seeking 25- to 30-minute presentations (3-6 performances) to program in Tremors 2020. Submissions are welcomed from individuals, collectives, and organizations. 
Please note that Tremors is a work-in-development festival. While presentations are not expected to be in any way “complete” they should still be considered in “full performance mode” – that is, beyond staged readings, able to engage an audience.

Please include the following information in your submission:

1) Project Proposal – 2 pages max, saved as a .pdf file

a) Artist Statement

Tell us about your current artistic practice. What you’ve been working on lately, how this relates to form and content, and what your current artistic questions are.

  • Does your practice draw on existing traditions, or do you draw inspiration from other specific artists? Where do you feel your work lives in that lineage right now?
  • Does your practice draw on traditions that may not normatively be considered as part of “contemporary performance” practice? (I.e., drawing on elements of ritual or ceremony.)
  • NOTE: Detailed explanations of culturally specific practices are not necessary; however, applicants may submit an additional page of description on this topic if you feel the 2-page submission is insufficient.

b) Project Description

Please describe your project, including your current artistic questions.

  • Why do you think Tremors would be a good place for your project at this time?
  • Where are you at with thinking through decolonization in process at this time?
  • How could you benefit from your piece being presented in dialogue with other artistic peers?
  • How will a 25-30 minute development presentation catalyze your exploration?

c) Bios of Confirmed Participants
As reciprocity is a key value of Rumble, this helps us get a sense of the scale of your project and whether we can provide a fee that would be appropriate for the number of artists involved.

d) What type of support would be most valuable to you in your project? Examples: Artistic or Production Mentorship, Creation Space, Discussions with Designers, Consultation with Elders.

e) Could you make use of residency space in the weeks of July 27 to August 16? If so, what would be your ideal requirements?

2) Support Materials

Please submit any relevant support materials that you feel would help us better understand either your project, or you as an artist. This can include script excerpts (maximum of 5 pages), previous critical material or reviews, letters of support, and video excerpts (up to 3 minutes long, submitted as digital links e.g. YouTube, Vimeo).

Submissions should be sent, via e-mail, to by Saturday, February 8th, 2020. 

About Tremors
The Tremors Festival has existed in different incarnations since its inception in 2007, responding to the needs of the local ecology of Vancouver Independent Theatre and Performance. Originally founded by then-Rumble Artistic Director Craig Hall, the Festival existed as a platform for emerging companies cross-nationally, presenting the work of such notable alumni as Theatre/Replacement, WhyNot Theatre, The Chop, and Zuppa Circus. Under the leadership of AD Stephen Drover, the Festival supported the craft of individual artists brought together to work on existing contemporary scripts, including Bull by Mike Bartlett, Dry Land by Ruby Rae Spiegel, This is War by Hannah Moscovitch, Selfie by Christine Quintana, and Theory by Norman Yeung.

Now in its third incarnation, the Tremors Festival is a meeting point for works-in-development, operating as platform to showcase the exploration of decolonial contemporary performance, without the necessity of a piece being “complete.” It is a hub for intergenerational experimentation and exchange inviting submissions from local (Vancouver-based) artists and cross-national collaboration.

2 thoughts on “Call for Submissions: Tremors Festival 2020

  1. Hi there!

    I am wondering if the 35 minute presentations are inclusive to full length plays, where a portion of it is presented. Or is it more along the lines of works that can be completed in 35 minutes, with the beginning to end.

    Thanks so much!

    • Hi Madi – Given that Tremors is a work-in-development festival, we are expecting that the majority of the presentations will be excerpts of longer pieces. Thanks for your question!

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