Indian Arm Speaker Series

We are very excited to be bringing back our popular Speaker Series for Indian Arm. On Wednesday, April 15th, immediately following the 8pm show, we invite audience members to stay for a free talk about themes in the show. (If you’re seeing the show on a different night but still want to attend the talk, please come by the theatre around 9:45pm with your ticket receipt or Rumble button to be admitted.)

Speaker Series guest Michael Springate, with his adorable grandchild Luca. Photo courtesy of Michael Springate.

Our guest speaker will be theatre artist and novelist Michael SpringateMichael’s talk is entitled “Protocols, Liberalism and Contracts: Using Native Traditions to rethink Western Economic Relations”. Must the problems of land ownership be solved by contract? Is there a role for protocols? Are western economic relations actually based on negotiated contracts, or on hidden protocols? What role does classical liberalism play in popular conceptions today? Can the west reconsider its financial framework? These questions will be approached through the lens provided by Indian Arm by Hiro Kanagawa, (2015), as well as the play from which it borrows its dramatic structure: Litte Eyolf by Henrik Ibsen (1894).

Michael Springate is an Artistic Associate and dramaturg at Full Circle: First Nations Performance, as well as past Artistic Director of Playwrights Workshop Montreal, Prairie Theatre Exchange in Winnipeg and Factory Theatre in Toronto. His recent novel, The Beautiful West & The Beloved of God, is nominated for the 2015 BC Book Award for adult fiction.

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