Isolation Suite

Tim Carlson (UnDone) and Christie Watson (Meursault) in Isolation Suite. Photo: Matt Reznek.

By Tim Carlson

A Theatre Conspiracy and Rumble Theatre Co-Production

Premiering April 15, 2021 | Audio Series
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UnDone is going grey. Fast. Not just physically but socially, psychologically and even technologically. Ghosted by friends and society at large, the aging, isolated musician fades toward invisibility in an East Vancouver that seems increasingly surreal. Can he survive his mission to get to “Mission”? It’s a long shot!

A rock performance piece mining metaphor and comedy in the grey zones of mental illness, Isolation Suite features live music by Cold Calculi (Tim Carlson and Rumble’s own Christie Watson).

Click here to learn more about the show and watch the new music video for one of Isolation Suite’s songs, “We Teach Our Objects How to Speak Our Language”.

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