Tremors: Fathom

by Jodi Essery and SaBooge Theatre

SaBooge Theatre (Montreal)
Presented as part of the Tremors Festival
March 20 – 24, 2007

A marvelous piece of stagecraft.

The Georgia Straight

SaBooge transports us beyond the seas to the sun-parched tedium of Hobart Town, an infant colony farther from civilization than the moon. When a traveling naturalist discovers the colony’s incredible secret, a convict mother and her extraordinary son break their silence, taking on the local gentry, its fundamentalist bigots, and the naturalist’s earth-shattering claim, in an attempt to save the lives they have worked so hard to keep hidden. Fathom is a mesmerizing and engrossing tale of expectation and tragedy set in colonial Tasmania, a god-forsaken land that time and progress have long forgotten.

Cast and Production Team:

Performers: Attila Clemann, Patrick Costello, Kayla Fell, Adrienne Kapstein and Andrew Shaver
Sound Design & Music Composition: Jeff Lorenz
Production & Lighting Design: Simon Harding
Stage Management: Audrey Finkelstein