Rumble Relaunches Season with New Digital Programming

Rumble’s 2019-2020 season, “High Seas/Low Seas”, was originally envisioned to explore the concept of Solidarity. That theme has taken on even more significance as we consider what’s happening in our world right now. So, to respond and re-envision the season, and re-conceptualize our approach to solidarity, we came to this necessary question as an arts and cultural organization: “Where are our front lines?”

And how willing are we to put artists on the front lines? Honestly, we aren’t. There’s nothing noble about risking further spread of this virus. But we can still create theatre even if we can’t gather together at this time. We can try a different approach. We have to. We think the best show of our solidarity with those on the front lines is to encourage you to stay home, but not necessarily to feel isolated. So, from our closets, bedrooms, and shared accommodations, and with the will of our Wi-Fi signals, we’d like to welcome you to Rumble’s (now digital) spring season.

We begin by presenting of Good Things to Do by the Good Things Collective (Apr 24 – 26), a digitally-created piece designed to combat isolation in a world that can seem overwhelming. Originally slated for development in 2021, the creative team felt called to reconfigure the show for online access now as a means to help folx feeling isolated during this pandemic. Then we’ll be producing free online viewings of B by Guillermo Calderón (May 21 – 24). The production was originally planned to be performed live at the Havana Theatre; we’re now adapting the piece to examine our new relationship to webcams, and how we perform and project our notions of self.

We will continue to host our Living Room Salon Series (this time it’s a Living Zoom!) in partnership with the Greater Vancouver Professional Theatre Alliance. For our next session (May 4) artists Shizuka Kai and Robert Leveroos will be joining us from their now-home workshops to talk about design. We’ll be co-hosting the third edition of Ephemera, the archiving party that collects and celebrates the history of Independent Theatre in Vancouver. Finally, we’re launching The Transmissions, a new podcast (available on Apple, iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify) that connects artists with anyone who wants to join the conversation. (The Transmissions is inspired by the print publication by the same name that was regularly published by Rumble in the 90s. This time, it eats less trees.)

We look forward to meeting and gathering with everyone again soon. Until then, we’re online: Watch a show, have a listen, or drop us a line. We’d love to connect.

If you’d like to read the full announcement, please click here:
Rumble Theatre – Spring 2020 Digital Season Programming

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