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Call for Submission: Rumble Sound System

Submissions due Dec 30th, 2022 11:59pm

For more information, or to apply, contact:

Call for Submission- Rumble Sound System


Key Dates

Submission Closed: December 30th, 2022

Selection Announcement: January 2023 

Meeting with Creative Team: January 2023 

Recording of literary text: Mid January 2023 

Release of Sound System Project: May 2023 

Writers are welcome to join the recording process, but not required. 


Event Details

What is Rumble Sound System?

Rumble Sound System is an experimental project from Rumble Theatre funded by the Canada Council for the Arts “Digital Now” program. Taking its inspiration from the origins of Dub music and Sound System Culture, we’re seeing what happens if we take text, and then liberally repurpose it to make new pieces. 


Call Details

Are you an excellent wordsmith, but you just really wish some of your stuff were on a cool mix-tape, or experimental sonic art piece? Well, the time has come!

Rumble is seeking submissions for Rumble Sound System from writers of all creative disciplines. Whether you’re a playwright, a poet, an essayist – whether you do non-fiction or complete fiction – we are happy to receive a submission. 

How does it work

  1. We source text from you. Maybe you write prose, maybe poetry, mayhaps even plays! For that matter – you could even submit a great Twitter thread you wrote (if Twitter still exists). 
  2. Selected text will be recorded by performers and used to create vocal samples.
  3. A recording of a reading of your text will be provided to you
  4. These vocal samples will be part of a larger sample bank offered to sound artists on “Rumble Sound System.”
  5.  These sound artists will then draw from the material to create new audio pieces for digital broadcast and further dissemination. 

What We Provide:

  • Fee for the rights to record, repurpose and release an audio recording of your literary text ($500 to $1500.00 depending on scope)
  • A professional recording of the reading of your literary text for your own personal use.

What we produce (projected outcome):

  • An audio piece which may involve remixed text. 

What You Provide (if selected)

  • A written copy of selected literary text 
  • Bio and photo 
  • Any limitations you would place on how the text can be used.

Please note
Due to the experimental nature of this project, your text will likely be significantly chopped up, re-ordered, and used out of context. It may also be interwoven with text from other selected writers, taking on different meanings. For that matter, there’s a chance your text may not be used at all (but we’ll still pay either way!). There’s a good chance that the final product will be unrecognizable or not used at all. Please be aware of this when submitting your work, and do let us know if there are any limitations you would place on our use of your writing. 


Submission Details

  • Tell us who you are (approximately 200-300 words)
  • Please, send a copy of text (PDF) you would like to be considered for the Sound System Project to subject heading: SOUND SYSTEM
  • CV’s are appreciated but not required for submission. 



  • Does Rumble Own my text?
    No! You retain all creative rights to your text. For this project we will use your text to create samples. We’ll own the samples themselves (the audio files) but do not have the rights to use your text outside of this project without express permission. 
  • Does this have to be new text?
    No! While we appreciate new work, and it is most welcome – you may absolutely submit pre-existing text so long as you still hold creative rights.
  • I get a recording of my text, can I use that to make a podcast?
    Also No! You are free to use the recording of your text for your own personal purposes. (For instance, playwrights generally find it very valuable hearing the text read for further developing the piece). However, public use (such as broadcast) would require permission from the actors who are voicing your text, as well as the director who is guiding that process.