Welcome to Rumble’s 2019-20 season

High Seas / Low Seas. Graphic: J. Parasram


Rumble Theatre is pleased to announce our current season, “High Seas / Low Seas”, which features a trio of exciting contemporary plays that explore the notion of solidarity: Take d Milk, Nah?, written and performed by Rumble’s own Artistic Director Jivesh Parasram; Good Morning, Viet Mom by Franco Nguyen; and the Canadian premiere of B by Guillermo Calderón.

(***Update: Good Morning, Viet Mom is no longer available to tour and has been replaced in our season with Sound of the Beast by Donna-Michelle St. Bernard.***)

“With this season’s programming we’re asking ourselves and audience members to consider what it means to stand together amidst ever-changing circumstances,” Parasram said. “How can we maintain solidarity when conditions aren’t so comfortable? Can we be a friend even when the distances between us seem infinite, or when our differences appear irreconcilable?”

In Take d Milk, Nah? (Oct 16 – 26, 2019 at The Cultch; national tour in 2020) we’re looking at the loaded importance placed on identity-politics; in Good Morning, Viet Mom (Jan 27 – Feb 2, 2020 at PL1422) we offer a beautiful story of family communicated through a mother-son relationship; and in B (May 12 – 24, 2020 at Havana Theatre) we’re examining where the line is between violence and revolution. The work is socially challenging, at times troubling, but always with a sense of humour.

In addition to our three mainstage offerings, we have several exciting projects in development. We’re continuing to work on Medea by Carmen Aguirre, our newest in-progress commissioned adaptation, which we plan to premiere in 2021. We’ll be hosting residences for local artists, including hip hop artist Kim Villagante (Kimmortal) and stand-up comedian Tin Lorica, Kevin Fraser and the dance-fashion collective Immigrant Lessons, dancer-choreographer Alyssa Amarshi, veteran theatre creator David Bloom, and playwright-performer Lili Robinson. And we’re embarking on an international collaboration with UK-based theatre artists Nasi Voutsas & Bertrand Lesca (PALMYRA, ONE) that will explore the idea of place from our respective cultural perspectives.

Rounding out the season are our ongoing mentorship and community building activities. Directors’ Lab returns with celebrated Vancouver theatre artist and Siminovitch Prize Nominee Maiko Bae Yamamoto as our facilitator. Maiko has a long history of working with Rumble and we’re pleased to continue finding ways to collaborate and learn from her. She will lead the weeklong Lab intensive, as well as a new “Inside the Artists’ Studio” session that will allow the public to interact with Vancouver theatre makers. The Living Room now broadens its scope to not only be a training salon series for Emerging Artists, but also to offer independent artists an informal space in which they can interact with their peers while discussing contemporary issues intersecting sector and society. The first Living Room session, entitled Identity Play (Oct 7, 2019 at Progress Lab 1422), will be hosted by Jivesh Parasram and Chelsea Haberlin (Artistic Director of Neworld Theatre), with special guest interviewer Emelia Symington Fedy (Co-Artistic Director of The Chop).


If you’d like to read the season’s press release, please click here: Rumble Theatre ‘s 2019-20 season announcement

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