A Rumble production


May 21 – 24, 2020

Online presentation

About the show

‘We used to kill kings. We used to kill millionaires. And now all we do is make threats on the Internet. That’s why I’m offering you the chance to start at war.’

Alejandra and Marcela are planting bombs in the middle of the night. They don’t want violence. They just want to be heard. Prison’s not much of a threat when most of your friends are inside. But José Miguel is from another generation, and he’s committed to change by any means possible.

A darkly comic dive into the absurdity of reality, B examines cross-generational tension in the mobilization of resistance and interrogates the role of violence in revolution. What does it mean to want to take up the struggle, when the struggle has silenced itself to you?

Originally scheduled to run at the Havana Theatre on Commercial Drive, the global COVID-19 pandemic forced a change in plans and we pivoted to creating an online production. We had to adopt new technology, train up on new software, and rehearse via video conferencing apps. We had to figure out how to light and design a show happening in different spaces—including the actors’ kitchens—and create costumes and props that translate on-screen. And we’ve had to do all of this while managing home lives that have been transformed by isolation.


What People Had to Say About B:

“Just watched from here in London. Thank you and congratulations for this production. When plays I’ve worked on are later produced outside of UK I don’t usually get a chance to see the outcome and it was great to be able to share in this production. I admired the staging solutions you created and really appreciated the insights from the company at the beginning. A new production of an existing text always brings new meanings and understandings and this was no exception. Thanks and bravo to all involved.” – William Gregory, Translator (via Facebook)

“In a moment where the Covid-19 epidemic is instigating unprecedented challenges for theatre-makers across the world, a moment where our experience and the operation of our cultural events is undergoing a paradigmatic change, it is refreshing to see a work of art emerge so powerfully and with so much emotional force in a medium not exactly known by its warmth. Congratulations to [the] team!” – Elton U.

This project was supported by the City of Vancouver Cultural Services, the Georgia Straight, and the Electric Company Theatre.

Creative Team

Writer: Guillermo Calderón
Translator: William Gregory
Director: Jivesh Parasram
Cast: Carmen Aguirre, María Escolan, Lissa Neptuno, and Lili Robinson
Production Designer: Christie Watson
Lighting Designer: Itai Erdal
Stage Manager: Zoe Bellis
Assistant Director: Shanae Sodhi
Operations and Production Support: Kellee Ngan
Box Office Coordinator: Sena Cagla
Consultation: Carmen Aguirre