Liminal Magic: Untrue Stories Live

October 29th, 2021
Doors 7pm, Show starts 8pm
Outdoor Live Event
PL1422 at 1422 William Street, Vancouver, BC


Hosted by KhattieQ
Musical Direction by Miguel Maravilla
Presented by Rumble

Liminal Magic will showcase 3 new works accompanied by live musicians!

Doors will open at 7:00pm. Show up early to enjoy the festivities: Tarot Readings by Susan Horning, Photo Booth, Mystery Activities with prizes and complimentary food from NaMì Food Cart. Show starts at 8:00pm.


  • Mily Mumford Always Been Loved
  • Francis Dowlatabadi with Parmiss Sehat My Roommate Ahriman
  • Omari Newton with David Morin and Immigrant Lessons Night of The Woke-ing Dead

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Covid Safety
This event will take place outdoors under tents, in the parking lot of Progress Lab, rain or shine. Masks are  encouraged but not required, and please be aware of distancing, hand-washing/sanitizing, and the varying personal comfort levels of others around you. Please stay home if you have symptoms of COVID, or have been in contact with others who have contracted COVID. Thank you for helping us keep events live, in-person, and safe.


About the Show

Mily Mumford

Always Been Loved is a short multimedia cosmic horror from the perspective of an astronaut on a mysterious space mission with their partner, who might not actually be the person they claim to be.


Francis Dowlatabadi & Parmiss Sehat

My Roommate Ahriman is a Mythological Comedy that brings you into a world of legend, history, and dirty dishes clogging the entire sink, as grad student Hank Sanati contends with his new roommate, Ahriman the Spirit of Destruction.


Omari Newton & David Morin & Immigrant Lessons

Night of The Woke-ing Dead is a Hip Hop Horror Comedy that tells the story of Anthony Blackman’s overnight transformation from mild mannered history teacher, into the spirit of radical black rage, bent on seeking vengeance against all racists who cross his path.


Production Team

Alysson Hall – Graphic Designer
Kimira Reddy – Production Designer
Maria Zarrillo – Producer / Stage Manager
Tricia Trinh – Artistic Producer 
Zain Khudhur – Technical Director

Call for Submissions – Liminal Magic: Untrue Stories Live


Rumble New Creation Night 2021
Liminal Magic: Untrue Stories Live


Event Description:

A night where we gather to share stories.

Rumble is accepting submissions for its first New Creation Night. It’s something like a storytelling night, only the stories don’t have to be true. But they can be, because there’s always a little truth in fiction. 

For our first event we’re getting into the seasonal spirit and paying our respect to the night and the space between this world and another. It’s Halloween. It’s Samhain. It’s a kind of magic.  

We strongly encourage works including:
Creative Fiction
Futurism and Afrofuturism
Storytelling and Fable
Underrepresented and Experimental Forms of Storytelling

Works should have a maximum running time of 12 minutes

PLEASE NOTE: Applicants who’s project draws on or shares traditional knowledge must be able to verify adequate permissions to share this story in public. 

We strive to make our events accessible to all artists, including D/deaf artists, artists with lived experiences of disability, neurodivergent artists and artists on the mental health spectrum; and are happy to make accommodations based on the access needs of our selected artists, including ASL interpretation. We especially encourage submissions from QTIBPOC. 

We will select three pieces.


How it Works:

  1. We select story concepts submitted by you.
  2. Selected Artists write a piece (maximum 12 minutes). 
  3. Pieces will be performed by the writer or another artist as you see fit. 
  4. We will provide an additional fee for a collaborative artist of your choice. 
  5. Live Underscoring/Musical Accompaniment will be incorporated for mood/tone. 
  6. This all happens LIVE AND IN PERSON! 
  7. Everything gets recorded and broadcast out at a later date for access.
  8. We host pieces on our podcast platform. You maintain full creative rights to your piece!

Important Dates:
Submission Deadline: October 1st
Selection Announcement : October 6th
1st Draft Script Deadline: October 18th
Available Rehearsal Space: October 25th & 26th
Tech/Dress: October 27th [Evening]
Additional rehearsal as necessary: October 28th
Event Date: October 29th [Evening]

Outdoor Event Location: Progress Lab 1422 William Street

Artists must be available for Tech/Dress rehearsal and the Event itself

Selected Applicants will receive:
Commissioning Fee ($1,500)
Collaborating Artist Fee ($1,000)

Please Note: This format is ideally suited to direct address, or monologue / lecture based work, but could support two-handers / or dialogue based work.


What to submit

  1. Tell us who you are
  2. Give us a short description of what you want to create/do
  3. Let us know if there is a collaborating artist you will be working with and what their role is. 
  4. Send us something to get to know you a bit better. 
    • This could be:
    • past writing
    • video or audio of you performing/ your work being performe
    • Phone Recording of you reading something you care about
    • CV


How to Submit: 

Click here to view submission form

Or submit one PDF with the following information to New Creation Night Artistic Producer Tricia Trinh at

For further information: or email

We will be in touch with selected applicants by October 6th 2021.


Example Application: 

  1. Tell us Who you Are

My name is Jiv Parasram, I’m an Indo-Caribbean theatre creator based in Vancouver.

  1. Give us a short description of what you want to make (anything you can tell us helps):

I want to do a short piece subtly set in a future where Robots have replaced labour and society is further removed from its connection with the natural world, and there is mass unemployment due to automation. But it’s told from the perspective of a self-cash out machine who is having an existential crisis about taking jobs from humans. 

  1. Let us know if there is a collaborating artist you would like to work with and what their role is.

I’d like to work with a Puppeteer or a Costume/Makeup Designer to represent the Self-Cash Machine. 

I’d like to Perform this Myself   [   ]
I’d like someone else to perform it  [ X ]




By Joshua Ongcol with Music by Miguel Maravilla
Presented by Rumble in association with New Works

Friday, September 10th
Saturday, September 11th

6pm – Food and Karaoke pre-party
7:45pm – Welcome by Dennis Gupa
8pm – Show
post show – DJ set by NI CO (Saturday only)

Progress Lab 1422 | 1422 William St

Purchase Pay What You Decide Tickets Here 

In his current piece “LAKBAY” (Tagalog word for Journey) Josh meditates on patterns, cycles and rhythms. Drawing upon his mother tongue of Tagalog, pivotal personal experiences and journeys into the natural world of the west coast rainforest, he intimately attunes into buried roots; breathing life into the undercurrents of their queer and filipinx identity.

New Works is proud to partner with Rumble on the world premiere presentation of LAKBAY by Josh Ongcol & Miguel Maravilla. This piece was created earlier in March 2021 as part of Josh’s artist residency with Rumble and New Works. The development of LAKBAY is made possible through Made in BC/Dance West Network’s 2nd annual Creative Residency, Re-Centering Margins 2020-21 and was further developed through Josh’s artist residency with Rumble and New Works in March 2021.

Isolation Suite

Tim Carlson (UnDone) and Christie Watson (Meursault) in Isolation Suite. Photo: Matt Reznek.

By Tim Carlson

A Theatre Conspiracy and Rumble Theatre Co-Production

Premiering April 15, 2021 | Audio Series
Listen at or on Apple Podcasts, Spotify & other major platforms

UnDone is going grey. Fast. Not just physically but socially, psychologically and even technologically. Ghosted by friends and society at large, the aging, isolated musician fades toward invisibility in an East Vancouver that seems increasingly surreal. Can he survive his mission to get to “Mission”? It’s a long shot!

A rock performance piece mining metaphor and comedy in the grey zones of mental illness, Isolation Suite features live music by Cold Calculi (Tim Carlson and Rumble’s own Christie Watson).

Click here to learn more about the show and watch the new music video for one of Isolation Suite’s songs, “We Teach Our Objects How to Speak Our Language”.

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