Tent Rental

Rumble has seven tents for outdoor gatherings and performance. Consider them. We lend them.

Vancouver’s independent theatre community is in dire need of affordable spaces to showcase work. This was the case pre-COVID, and though it’s exacerbated by the current state of things, we feel it will remain a concern for quite some time. From this place of wanting to make performance accessible and immediate for Vancouver, Rumble began digging into (and pitching up) tents. While these tents exist for our own use, they’re also a resource for others: they can house outdoor community events and existing initiatives/classes, rehearsals by artists and community arts groups, or any other communities in need of a quick place to gather and call home.


View our rental rates here.

We’re happy to assist and offer guidance on sizing, use, and set up/take down.

We invested in these tents for common use, and we’re keen on the results so far. If you want use them for your own gathering, please get in touch with Anna at anna@rumble.org to learn more.