Residencies & Mentorships

We provide Residencies & Mentorships for creators, producers, and organizers who are seeking a more holistic and engaged approach to their practice.


Rumble Residencies are aimed at artists seeking long-term autonomy. As such each residency is “custom-built” including a combination of:

  • Studio and creation space
  • Admin and office space.
  • Use of Equipment.
  • Access to Rumble’s core staff.
  • A Modest Cash contribution.
  • Anything else we can help with within our capacity.

We encourage residents to integrate themselves into company activities according to their interests and capacity.


Less formal, but no less important, are chats. Rumble’s core staff can offer time to answer questions, provide advice, and help you navigate rough seas like career development and grant applications.

A healthy arts ecology needs constant renewal, whether that’s through seeding the next great things – or burning it all down to start anew. One of Rumble’s core values is to work “Irrespective of Precedent.” Precedent holding you down? Come on by.

Interested in either a Residency or a Mentorship? Reach out, we’d love to meet you. Contact Jiv at