A Rumble presentation

Harvest Moon: Untrue Stories Live

Oct 21–22, 2022

New Creation Series

Indoor live event
Doors 7:00pm, Show starts 7:30pm
Progress Lab 1422 at 1422 William Street, Vancouver, BC

Pay What You Decide, suggested $10

About the Show

Harvest Moon. It’s the union of cosmic and earthly – heavenly bodies and mother earth – times for traditions honouring the dark and bidding farewell to the sun; the cull, the bounty – the end and the beginning. 

This New Creation night will showcase 3 new works in a cabaret format, breaking in between each performance. Amidst the breaks the audience will have the opportunity to enjoy the evening with complimentary food, games, and more. 

Doors will open at 7:00pm. Show up early to enjoy the festivities. Performances start at 7:30pm.

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Feelings by Lolu Oyedele & Dushun Wylson

A show about connections, those we are fated to have, those we wish we could cling to, and those we sorely miss. These connections are explored through dance, music, multimedia art and a special extra fl-AI-vor. Audiences are welcomed into an internal world through a shared harvest themed performance, where they, along with the artists, explore themes of love, strife and communication. Within this liminal world they are invited to play, and perhaps discover something about themselves along the way.


And So The Siren Sings by Kelsi James

When the siren calls, you will think you are ready. You will have done everything you could. And still – you will throw yourself against your bindings. You will scream. You will curse her, and damn her, and claw desperately towards the death so sweetly sung. And I? Ah. I will be with her, fingers caressing her face like moonlight.”

Kelsi James’ And So The Siren Sings is an interrogation of asexuality, of mermaid mythology, and of why we hypersexualize the siren to the point of villification. Using music and poetry, Kelsi invites you to come a little closer, to undo your bindings, and to learn what the siren sings….


Tiempo Muerto by Miguel Maravilla & Jen Yakamovich

Tiempo Muerto” is the dead season for landless farmers and peasants in the Philippines. The long, barren months without rain, without work, without harvest. 

This performance is a non-chronological dialogue between the voices and stories of landless tillers throughout the history of the countryside of the Philippines, threaded together entirely by song and sound collage. A drum kit, a guitar, a synth, one or two or ten or a million voices, 500 years of anti-colonial and anti-imperialist resistance, revolutionary folk songs, and science fiction, which culminate into a calling, a pursuit for liberation.


Is This Anything by Barbara Adler

A fast-paced monologue that questions – literally – what I’ve made in the past season. Starting from a small collection of crochet ruffles, I run through my real CV wins for the year, which include cleaning a studio, putting lotion on my horse’s nose scabs, and walking up a steep hill many times. You’ll learn about hyperbolic crochet, how to format an accomplishment statement, and hear my top tips for complicating the boundaries between leisure and employment, through near constant work.


Covid Safety

This event will take place indoors, at Progress Lab 1422. Masks are encouraged but not required. Please be aware of distancing, hand-washing/sanitizing, and the varying personal comfort levels of others around you. Please stay home if you have symptoms of COVID, or have been in contact with others who have contracted COVID. Thank you for helping us keep events live, in-person, and safe.

Production Team

Artistic Producer  – Tricia Trinh
Graphic Designer – Addison Hill
Producer / Stage Manager – Anna Brew
Production Manager – Zain Khudhur
Technical Director – Jack Goodison
Videographer / Editor – Gabriel Ordoñez Cifuentes


Special thank you to: