A Rumble Productions and Neworld Theatre production

I Am Your Spy (a day in the life of Mordechai Vanunu)

April 2000

Performance Works

written and performed by Camyar Chai

(Toured to Calgary, Montreal and Toronto in January/February 2001)

For thirteen years Mordechai Vanunu has been in solitary confinement for blowing the whistle on his country’s secret nuclear weapons program. A technician at Israel’s Dimona Nuclear Facility, Vanunu supplied the London Sunday Times with photographs of its operations. The Israeli government, with the help of a female Mossad agent posing as an American tourist, lured Vanunu to Rome, kidnapped him and illegally took him back to Israel. There he was tried as a traitor, and sentenced to eighteen years in prison. This one man show depicts Vanunu’s isolation and anguish, and his struggle between hope and pessimism, for himself, and for humankind.

Cast and Production Team:

Writer/Performer: Camyar Chai
Direction: Norman Armour and Andreas Kahre
Dramaturgy: Guillermo Verdecchia
Lighting Design: John Webber
Stage Management: Guy Fauchon