A Rumble presentation

New Societies

June 1-5, 2022


Progress Lab 1422 at 1422 William Street, Vancouver, BC

Pay What You Decide, suggested $10

June 1 – 7pm
June 2 – 7pm
June 3 – 7pm
June 4 – 2pm & 7pm
June 5 – 2pm

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Create your ideal society in a mega-game of collaboration, competition, and potential Utopia.

What if we could create our ideal society? What would it look like? Is it even possible? How would thinkers, dreamers, realists, pessimists, optimists, children, activists, politicians, economists, answer? Would they recreate the same system we live within or dream of newer ones?


New Societies draws together the forms of a strategic game night and an advancing theatrical narrative, shaped by the audience’s choices. Players are placed in groups to compete against or collaborate with each other in order to build their ideal society. Guests are seated at tables up to 6 players and compete against or collaborate with each other in order to build their ideal society. As players socialize, and form community they choose to build their societies however they wish but each decision made will influence how all the other guests can play. They must be careful, because as their choices shape the direction of their society, there are seven other societies also creating an ever growing and responsive political landscape. Filled with humour and levity, New Societies is a playful challenge to reflect on how we operate as inheritors of our current social structures, while giving players the opportunity to be the catalysts in crafting a better one. 

“I was completely blown away by the experience.”

-Denis, audience member



Players are situated in up to eight groups in the performance space. Each group is a newly formed society populated with up to six players and guided by a performer who facilitates the gameplay, interaction, and narrative. The whole room is observed by a single facilitator who provides updates to gameplay, informs all players about news in other parts of the world, and manages communication across groups. Players are guided through a narrative that’s co-created between the performers, gameplay, and the choices they themselves make. As they learn how to play, the rules are soon at the mercy of how players will follow, break, or change them. 

“The conceptualization and staging were brilliant … From joy to fear, anxiety and bonding. It was truly a remarkable and unique experience … I’ve never experienced that level of interaction in a performance before … I’ve never seen the audience being so intrinsically integral to the show in a seamless experiential level.”

-Alessandra Santos, PhD UBC Professor


A limited number of wheelchair spaces may be booked in advance of the performance date, subject to availability. Due to the live, interactive and unpredictable nature of this production, it is unfortunately not possible to caption or audio described performances. If you have any access requirements or require specific information about the production, please contact the Box Office and we will endeavour to assist with your booking.


The running time is approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes, without an intermission.
Recommended for ages 10+
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Created by Re:Current Theatre
Director – Brian Postalian

Sena Cagla
Howard Dai
Alexa Fraser
Evan Medd
Hannah Meyers
Pascal Reiners
Amanda Sum
Montserrat Videla
Meagan Woods

Dramaturgy – Evan Medd
Scenographer – Christian Ching
Digital Interface Design – Sam MacKinnon
Digital Programming (2020-2021) – Howard Dai
Sound Designer – Stefan Nazarevich
Stage Management – Nico Dicecco

Created with the company: Laura Coons, Sena Cagla, Howard Dai, Alexa Fraser, Evan Medd, Hannah Meyers, Pascal Reiners, Brian Postalian, Amanda Sum, Montserrat Videla, Meagan Woods.

With support from