A Rumble Theatre production, presented by Carousel Theatre for Young People

Rishi & d Douen

February 4 – 28, 2021

Online presentation

Rumble Theatre is pleased to have partnered with Carousel Theatre for Young People to make Rishi & D Douen, our first-ever radio play for kids. The show brings Caribbean folklore to the West Coast of Canada to share a story filled with adventure and discovery.

Rishi sees and hears things that others can’t, just like their Uncle, “Papaboisee Mamou”. Rishi heard that when Uncle was small, he was taken by a Douen: a forest spirit that lures children into the woods. It was all just village talk and folklore…until one day Rishi’s little brother disappears, called into the forest. Now it’s up to Rishi to journey deep into the forest to seek out the Douen and find their brother!

Rishi & d Douen was commissioned as part of AudioPLAY, Carousel Theatre for Young People’s 2020-2021 season of screen-free audio theatre designed to engage and excite.

Creative Team

Co-created by:

Jivesh Parasram
Kellee Ngan
Christopher Ross-Ewart
Gavan Cheema
Molly MacKinnon
Christine Quintana

Contributing artists:

Shanae Sodhi
Celia Aloma
Omari Newton


Rishi: Gavan Cheema 
Bhaiya/Ma/Ensemble: Celia Aloma 
Dwayne d Douen: Omari Newton 
Ensemble: Christopher Ross-Ewart
Ensemble: Christine Quintana


Sound Design & Composition, Sound Engineering, Editing: Christopher Ross-Ewart
Vocal Direction: Christine Quintana  
Lead Story Editor: Kellee Ngan 
Project Lead & Producer for Rumble: Jivesh Parasram