April 7 – 24, 2004

At Performance Works, Granville Island

by Aaron Bushkowsky

Bob is a downtown developer with a lot on his mind. Darren is the lawyer Bob so desperately needs. Gerald has a personal interest in photography; he works for Bob, or so Bob thinks. Rachael works at a gallery and no longer finds Darren so amusing – but Bob, well that’s another matter entirely. Claire? Well, being homeless can make you somewhat of an irritant. Set in present-day Vancouver, Soulless is a tale of redemption at the crossroads of money, longing and contested ground.

The production earned six Jessie Richardson Theatre Award nominations, including the Sydney Risk Prize for Outstanding Original Script, and won in the category of Outstanding Lighting Design (John Webber).


Claire: Lois Anderson
Rachael: Kathleen Duborg
Gerald: James Long
Darren: Stephen E. Miller
Bob: Ian Tracey

Production Team:

Direction: Norman Armour
Dramaturgy: Rachel Ditor
Costume Design: Barbara Clayden
Set Design: Andreas Kahre
Projection Designer: Tim Matheson
Sound Designer: Stefan Smulovitz
Lighting Design: John Webber
Stage Management: Joanne P.B. Smith
Assistant Stage Management: Raelynne Gagnon
Technical Director: Craig Hall
Assistant Director: Kris Nelson