Terrible but Incomplete Journals of John D.

June 4 – 14, 1998

Performance Works, Granville Island

by Guillermo Verdecchia

Written by Governor General’s Award-winning author Guillermo Verdecchia (Fronteras Americanas), The terrible but incomplete journals of John D. is a melancholy, funny, and musical look at the multifarious strains of a deception. A “regular, straight, white, fin-de-siecle kind of guy”, a woman known only as M., and a cello are the central elements of this chamber piece built around the curmudgeonly introspections of the reluctant, quasi-EveryMan, John D. The terrible but incomplete journals of John D. is an invitation to listen, reflect, judge and maybe, just maybe, forgive.

This production earned three Jessie Richardson Theatre Awards nominations (1998-1999)

Cast and Production Team:

Writer: Guillermo Verdecchia
Director: Chris Gerrard-Pinker
Performer: Norman Armour
Composition/Cello: Peggy Lee
Sound and Design: Andreas Kahre
Producer: Michel D. Bisson