Produced by Main Street Theatre in the Tremors Festival

Tremors: Endgame

April 18 – 28, 2012

Little Mountain Studios (195 East 26th Ave at Main)

The setting for Endgame is a bare, partially underground room, serving as shelter for Hamm the master, Clov his servant, and Hamm’s father and mother, Nagg and Nell (who live in garbage cans). Hamm is in a wheelchair and makes Clov move him around the room, fetch objects, and look out the window for signs of life. Outside all seems dead and nothing happens. Inside, the characters pass the time mortifying each other and toying with fears and illusions of a possible change, all along sensing the inevitability of their end. Main Street Theatre continues their exploration of contemporary classics in intimate settings with their much-anticipated mounting of Beckett’s masterpiece.


About Main Street Theatre

Main Street Theatre is a Vancouver based theatre company dedicated to producing contemporary classic plays in an intimate environment with a focus on storytelling. With four hit shows and 11 Jessie nominations under their belt, the company is ready to surprise Vancouver audiences again.

Director: Stephen Malloy
Designed by: Stephen Malloy
Stage Management: Patrick Keating


Ryan Beil
Josh Drebit
Daryl King
Sasa Brown