Broken Spoke Theatre (Calgary)

Tremors: The Headless Cowboy

March 14 – 17

by Brad Payne

“Manages to combine art, science, environmentalism and vampiric catholics into a smart sixty-minute satire.”Beyond Robson

The Headless Cowboy is a rockabilly satire merging music and performance with the visual strengths of theatre, dance and video bringing a fresh, comedic look at a heart-breaking tragedy in a multi-disciplinary performance by three of Alberta’s most sought-after artists. The Headless Cowboy explores the nature of belief in a compelling tale. The titular Cowboy seeks revenge against Dead Man who shot off his head and kidnapped his girl – Cry Baby. Meanwhile, the alien Ginger with Knives is collecting sperm samples to start a human petting zoo.


Cast and Production Team:

Direction: Eileen Sproule
Performers: Brad Payne, Kristine Nutting, Kyrsten Blair, Andrew Payne and Ian Manhire