A Rough House production with the assistance of Theatre Replacement

Tremors: Tiny Apocalypse

April 1 – 5, 2008

By Camille Gingras

Tiny Apocalypse follows the rise and fall of Rita, an obsessively organized office worker who finds herself caught in a daily repetitive loop. Within the narrow, grey hallways of the Company, an institutional landscape of mindlessly humming photocopiers, she is normally as regular in her body as she is at her work. But for the past six weeks, nothing has happened. No period- period. Then one day, whilst standing by the photocopier, something happens: an extraordinarily tiny event, which causes her carefully ordered world to spiral wildly out of control.

Darkly comic and playfully irreverent, Tiny Apocalypse scrutinizes the surreal banalities and submerged hysteria of office life in a world shaped and monitored by surveillance.

Garnered six Jessie Richardson Theatre Award nominations and a win for John Webber in the category of Outstanding Lighting Design.


Rita: Cherise Clarke

Production Team:

Direction: James Fagan Tait
Choreography: Dana Gingras
Video Design: Candelario Andrade
Set Design: David Roberts
Lighting Design: John Webber
Sound Design: Mike Bernard
Stage Management: Samara Van Nostrand