Wireless Graffiti

June 8 – 22, 1993 at 8pm

Vancouver East Culture Centre

Wireless Graffiti was a transmedia project initiated by Rumble Productions in 1993 with the goal of re-envisioning the theatrical possibilities of live radio. The project parallelled a renewed international interest in radiophonic expression by bringing together artists from a variety of disciplines. Exploring the medium while playing with its conventions, form and style, Rumble’s past creations include four dynamic, unique live-to-air broadcast events.

Rumble Productions, Vancouver Pro Musica and Vancouver Co-operative Radio (102.7 fm) joined forces in a rediscovery of an “old and familiar” medium: RADIO.

Over 30 performers and artists conspired together to create visual Radio with two special live broadcasts hosted by the Vancouver East Cultural Centre.

Playwright Gordon Armstrong, directors Andrew McIlroy and Diane Brown, actor Ian McDonald and comedian Gina Bastone joined photographer Daniel Collins, interdisciplinary specialist Stephen O’Connell, choreographers Jennifer Mascall and Andrew Olewine to test the limits of broadcasting.

Radio regulars Hank Bull and Patrick Ready from the Western Front’s HP Radio Show brought over ten years experience in alternative Radio. Meanwhile established Vancouver new music composers Hidegard Westercamp, Susan Frykberg, and Mark Douglas activated a new sonic language, thus adding to our experience of Radio.

The Return of Wireless Graffiti
Tuesday, March 1st, 2004  from 9 to 11PM

Live at the Glass Slipper (2417 Prince Edward Ave); Heard over CO-OP Radio (102.7FM)

In less than one year after the historical June broadcasts, Wireless Graffiti returned to the stage with another invigorating live radio show. Rita Bozi, the host of Wireless Graffiti, led listeners on a sonic adventure marked by laughter, tears, offbeat commentary, “on-the-edge” sound making, and an inside glimpse into the battery powered magic of the Grand ‘AA’ Ensemble. The broadcast was experienced live in person at the Glass Slipper on March 1st as part of the 7th Annual Sonic Boom Festival of Composers. Or, it was heard live over CO-OP Radio 102.7 FM from 9 to 11 PM.

As a kick off to Sonic Boom’s five night celebration of new music, Wireless Graffiti paid tribute to artists familiar and unfamiliar to followers of this long standing contemporary music extravaganza. Featured artists included Francesca Benadetti, Dead Voices on Air, Mark Douglas, Martin Gotfrit, Andreas Kahre, John Korsrud, Ian Ross McDonald, and Earle Peach.