Written by Guillermo Calderón
Translated by William Gregory  

a Rumble Theatre production

May 21 – 24, 2020

This is a FREE event but please register in advance at Eventbrite


 Canadian Premiere 

Rumble presents B by Guillermo Calderon. Design: Truong Nguyen.

‘We used to kill kings. We used to kill millionaires. And now all we do is make threats on the Internet. That’s why I’m offering you the chance to start at war.’ 

Alejandra and Marcela are planting bombs in the middle of the night. They don’t want violence. They just want to be heard. Prison’s not much of a threat when most of your friends are inside. But José Miguel is from another generation, and he’s committed to change by any means possible.

A darkly comic dive into the absurdity of reality, B examines cross-generational tension in the mobilization of resistance and interrogates the role of violence in revolution. What does it mean to want to take up the struggle, when the struggle has silenced itself to you?

Originally scheduled to run at the Havana Theatre, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced a change in plans and we’re now taking the revolution online. The Rumble team will be collaborating with a talented group of Vancouver artists, including Carmen Aguirre, Itai Erdal, Maria Escolan, Lissa Neptuno, and Lili Robinson to create a digital production of the play.


A startling, stylish and suspenseful piece… The writing has a dash of Pinter, Chris Morris’ Four Lions and even Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs with its menace, its blend of the comic, grisly and grotesque, and its confused, conflicting deceptions.

– Sam Marlowe, The Stage

Running time: Approx. 90 min
Audience advice: 14+ 


Carmen Aguirre | Christie Watson | Itai Erdal | Jivesh Parasram | Kellee Ngan | Lissa Neptuno | Lili Robinson | María Escolan | Sena Cagla | Shanae Sodhi | Zoe Bellis

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