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The support of our amazing donors has brought work like Penelope, The Last Days of Judas Iscariot, and Clark and I Somewhere in Connecticut, as well as mentorship programs like Directors’ Lab, The Living Room, and Rumble Student Ambassadors. You can be a part of our upcoming projects by making a tax-deductible donation to Rumble Theatre online:

If you prefer to donate by cheque, you can mail it to our office or stop by in person at:
1422 William Street, Vancouver, BC, V5L 2P7

Current Donors

Thank you for making our work possible:

2016-17: Norman Armour, Mat Brechtel, Gordon Briggs, Chris Brown, Rena Cohen, Bernard Cuffling, Alexander Daughtry, Dave Deveau & Cameron Mackenzie, Stephen Drover, Kathleen Duborg, Laura Efron, Helen Embury, Ian Farthing, Andrew Forshner, Pat Harrold & Paul Hart, Stephen Heatley, Barbara Heller, Jane Heyman, AJ Juliani, Maryann Kempthorne, Diane Kent, DD Kugler, Craig Laven, Jo Ledingham, Selina Lee-Andersen, Sikee Liu, Rebecca Low, Kenji Maeda & Alan Jernigan, Scott Miller, Hugo Nelson, Kellee Ngan & Ben Hart, Shan Parmar, Christine Perkins, France Perras, John & Barbara Petkau, George & Rita Plawski, Bev Pride, Ron Reed, Kathryn Shaw, Dale E. Simpson, Amy Starkey, Anona Thorne, Karen Twomey, Dave & Geri Watson, Marianne Weston, The Peter and Melody Anderson Foundation Fund, and our anonymous (x3) donors.

2017-18: Rena Cohen, Helen Embury, Andrew Forshner, April Green, Stephen Heatley, Maryann Kempthorne, Sikee Liu, Rebecca Low, Scott Miller, Yvette Nolan, Barbara & John Petkau, Christine Perkins, Beverly Pride, Kathryn Shaw, Sophie Tang, Dave & Geri Watson, Eric Wilson.

2018-19: Arthur Close, Stephen Drover, Laura Efron, Andrew Forshner, Pam Johnson, Sikee Liu, Rebecca Low, Kellee Ngan & Ben Hart, Hugo Nelson, Christine Perkins, Liam Watson.


We rely on volunteers throughout the year. If you would like to get involved with Rumble Theatre, please email and tell us a little about yourself and your interests.


For over twenty years, Rumble Theatre has been behind some of the most groundbreaking and impactful initiatives in Vancouver theatre. As co-founders of the PuSh Festival, Progress Lab (the Hive series, Obstructions), and PL1422, Rumble are trusted by audiences and the arts community alike.

Partnering with Rumble allows your business high-profile exposure to an educated, risk-taking audience. Benefits include presence at sponsored events, logo placement on advertising materials, and the opportunity to host employees, clients, and stakeholders at events.

We’d love to create a partnership package that will work for you and your business. If you’d like to discuss the options for corporate sponsorship with Rumble, please contact our Managing Producer Becky Low at or by calling 604-662-3395.



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