Kaleidography Workshop

March 1 – 5, 1999

Touchstone Theatre Rehearsal Space 399 West 5th Ave, Vancouver

Newfoundland theatre artist Jillian Keiley conducted a five-day workshop on her creative process, kaleidography. This workshop was intended for those interested in experimental forms of choreography, performance art and acting, as well as composers and musicians who were looking for ways to expand musical performance.

Jillian Keilly is a director, writer and composer who graduated from York University (Toronto) with a BFA, specializing in directing. She is the recipient of the Canada Council’s 1997 John Hirsch Prize, and the 1996 Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council Emerging Artist of the Year Award. She is founding Artistic Director of Artistic Fraud of Newfoundland and Artistic Associate of the resource Centre for the Arts Theatre Company.

“The central element controlling all that happens on stage is time… every second is contained and measured using music notation. Using our system of music notation and grid placement, we are able to create visually complex scenes through relatively simple choreography. The term we use for this is kaleidography: Synchronized movement harmonics. This works both in movement and aural aspects of performance; an actor has his monologue anticipated and reverberated by a twenty-person chorus through an underscored whispered fugue, with key phrases perfectly falling on the whispered echoes of the full group.” – from Ms. Keiley’s artistic statement