Other Women

September 10 – 18, 1999

Firehall Arts Centre as part of the Vancouver Fringe Festival

by Adrienne Wong

Having cheated on her white husband with an Asian man, a half-Chinese woman flees to the vacant home of her grandparents Wong. Thirty years earlier, in the same house, an immigrant couple’s life is disrupted when the man’s first wife unexpectedly arrives from China… and moves in.

The play delves into the stories of three generations of Chinese Canadians, and examines the pain and wonder of straddling two cultures. Other Women is a moving, magical piece of storytelling.

Writer: Adrienne Wong
Direction: Noah Drew
Collaborators: Hiro Kanagawa, Khaira Le, Kevin MacDuff, Adrienne Wong, Maike Bae Yamamoto, Janelle Bakker, Rachel Borwein, Jeff Harrison, Guy Neufeld and Sharon Taylor