September 10 – 19, September 23 – 27, 1992

Arcadian Hall as part of the 1992 Vancouver Fringe Festival, then Firehall Arts Centre

conceived and directed by Chris Gerrard-Pinker

Everyday life goes under a microscope in Manipulations, a rigorous but humorous glimpse into the human condition. The laboratory is life – habitual behavior and the use/abuse of power are the subjects. Watheran, your mystic/physicist host, is relentlessly propelled by his scientific curiosity and a quest to understand the relationship between power and entropy. Who is manipulating whom? When examining the nature of love, no detail is too insignificant to consider.

Manipulations is the first part of the Mostar Trilogy.

Cast and Production Team:

Chris Gerrard-Pinker, Norman Armour, Susan Bain, Jeff Corness, Sharon Heath, Andreas Kahre, J. Patrick Keating and Andrew McIlroy