The Company Project

June 6 – 8, 1991

Arcadian Hall, Vancouver

based on the novella by Samuel Beckett

A fully equipped, studio laboratory (with actors, designers, a choreographer and director) set the stage for a unique, collaborative exploration of Samuel Beckett’s novella Company. Set, lighting, sound, text and movement theatricalized one of the most challenging works of the enigmatic Irish author of Waiting for Godot.

The Company Project brought together a group of well-established artists from various disciplines in an attempt to find a more collaborative way of working towards theatrical presentation. All production elements were fully integrated from the outset, with designers, actors, and production personnel working together to uncover images in the text. The audience was invited to be a part of this alternative showing which broke with the traditional boundaries between designer, performer, and audience.

Cast and Production Team:

Direction: Chris Gerrard-Pinker
Collaborators/Presenters: Norman Armour, Louise Bentall, Borja Brown, Grant Gregson, David Hay, Rebekah Johnson, David Joyce, Andreas Kahre, Megan Leitch, Jud Martell, Peter Ryan, Tom Stroud and Phillip Tidd