By Enda Walsh


“We are fucked and no amount of comedy is going to lessen that fact.”

It’s 11:30 a.m. and already it’s 35 degrees. At the bottom of a drained swimming pool on a sun-scorched Greek island, four ridiculous men face their inevitable deaths, and lock horns over another man’s wife. They are the last of the hundred suitors for Penelope’s hand as she waits ten lonely years for her husband, Odysseus, to return from the Trojan Wars. They preen and posture and drink in a ludicrous ritual of courting and competition. But as the day wears on and the signs of Odysseus’s arrival grow more ominous, one of them must win Penelope’s love or they will all die trying!

From the creative team that brought you The Last Days of Judas Iscariot comes the Canadian premiere of Irish playwright Enda Walsh’s riveting, savage and wildly funny take on the classic Greek myth.

“Penelope kicks off The Cultch’s 40th anniversary season as a surefire hit” – Jerry Wasserman, The Province

“All very off-the-wall and surreal….The writing is gorgeous: beautiful and sad and bleak”  – Jo Ledingham

Creative Team:

Director: Stephen Drover
Set and Costume Designer: Drew Facey
Lighting Designer: Conor Moore
Assistant Director: Veronique West
Stage Manager: Lois Dawson
Assistant Stage Manager: Christie Maxson
Production Manager: Peter Boychuk
Technical Director: Sean Tyson
Sound Designers: Stephen Drover & Mishelle Cuttler


Sean Devine
Alex Lazaridis Ferguson
Kyle Jespersen
Patrick Keating
and Lindsay Winch as Penelope