PuSh International Performance Series

January 14 - April 5, 2002

Created by Rumble Productions and Touchstone Theatre, the PuSh International Performance Series is a collection of brave new works from Canada and beyond. Three internationally acclaimed artists in three Vancouver venues over three months.


Created and performed by Marie Brassard

Infrarouge Theatre (Montreal)

January 14 – 19
Studio 16, 545 West 7th Avenue

Jimmy is an outstanding performance piece about love, desire and the pleasure of creation. Marie Brassard is best known as a long-time collaborator of Quebecois auteur Robert Lepage. Performances in both English and French.

Created and performed by William Yang

William Yang (Australia)

January 28 – February 1
Roundhouse Community Centre

William Yang is a storyteller whose powerful images and ideas have moved audiences all over the world. Yang’s performing style is understated, leaving room for the images to imbue the story with their humanity, and for the original instrumental and vocal music of Colin Offord.

Dream Machine
by Blake Brooker and David Rhymer

One Yellow Rabbit (Calgary)

March 26 – April 5
Vancouver East Cultural Centre

At the centre of the 1950s Beat circle, William S. Burroughs and Brion Gysin worked tirelessly to build the enigmatic Dream Machine, a device that used flickering light to alter brain waves and plunge the user into a waking dream state, free from the influences of advertising and mass culture. Blending live and electronic music, haunting visuals and One Yellow Rabbit’s trademark physicality, Dream Machine is a radical departure from both the traditional theatre musical and the conventional biopic.