A Rumble Productions/VECC/Mammalian Diving Reflex co-presentation

White Mice

February 5 – 9, 2002

At the Vancouver East Cultural Centre

By Darren O’Donnell

A black comedy about the white race, White Mice tells the tale of two white-furred mice, Robert and Douglas, as they come to terms with their own whiteness. As roommates, the mice have led peaceful and complacent lives—up to the time Robert starts to gnaw at the knowledge that they’re poster boys for the white supremacist society in which they live. Douglas is initially freaked out by Robert’s revelations, only to discover that both have been systematically lied to and brainwashed about mice of other colours. Could it be true? Could it be that the white race is a capitalist construction employed to divide, conquer and exploit other less desirable mice?

White Mice was nominated for six Dora Mavor Moore awards, including Outstanding New Play, Outstanding Production and Outstanding Design.


Robert: Darren O’Donnell
Douglas: Bruce Hunter

Production Team:

Creation and Direction: Darren O’Donnell
Set Design: Naomi Campbell and Darren O’Donnell
Lighting Design: RS Armstrong
Costume Design: Sim & Jones Inc.
Original Music: murr