Rumble Productions/Studio 58 co-production

San Diego

October 6 – 23, 2005

at Studio 58, Langara College

by David Greig

“Director Norman Armour and his team deliver a handsome production. Craig Hall’s set-a foreshortened bit of freeway leading to a rectangular opening that continually varies in size-is a lyrical piece of sculpture. In its articulate combination of airplane roars and spacy keyboard tinkling, Nick Powell’s sound design is similarly hip and melancholy.” – The Georgia Straight

San Diego is a lyrical and emotionally charged look at modern society and our universal longing for a sense of home, comfort and belonging. Scottish playwright David Greig weaves together a series of connecting and diverging stories that stretch around the globe into a single compelling narrative of tremendous scope: stories of illegal immigrants, of pilots, film stars and escort women, of the making of ‘Band on the Run’, and of Greig himself.

“Co-ordinated universal time – aeroplane time – is the only time we experience which never changes. The cabin of the aircraft is the only space where we can be certain that we belong. We have a ticket with our name on it. On the seat in front of us there is a map which shows us clearly where we are going. And we are going forwards.” – San Diego


Andrew, San Diego Cop, David B: Joshua Dixon
David Greig: Alexander Ferguson
Stewardess, Receptionist, Paul McCartney’s Receptionist: Nicole Gordon
The Pilot: Allan Gray
Pious, David A, The Bedouin Tribesman: Patrick Keating
David: Daryl King
Marie: Cat Main
Amy, Mother Superior: Lissa Neptuno
Daniel: Stuart Pierre
Laura: Emma Slipp
San Diego Cop, Sarah: Kyla Read
The Counsellor: Hazel Venzon
Innocent, David C: Nathan Zeitner

Production Team:

Director: Norman Armour
Set Designer: Craig Hall
Costume Designer: Barbara Clayden
Lighting Designer: John Webber
Sound Designer: Nick Powell
Assistant Director: Kris Nelson
Voice Coach: Dale Genge
Photographers: David Cooper & Tim Matheson
Cutter: Patrice Godin
Special FX Make-Up: Patrice Godin
Front of House Manager: Samara Van Nostrand