A Rumble Productions/Eye of Newt/Radix Theatre/Rime co-production

Silent Summer Nights

September 2 – 4, 2005

Grandview Park, Commercial Drive at William Street, Vancouver

The 5th annual Silent Summer Nights offered three glorious evenings of the best in silent (and not so silent) film–with the thrilling accompaniment of original live music by Eye of Newt and special guests. A Labour Day classic.


Screening: Friday, September 2

Winner of the Academy Award for “Best Short Film, Animated”, this cinematic gem is a true homage to nature—telling the story of one man who turns a desert into a forest. Featuring live accompaniment by Stefan Smulovitz (viola/laptop), Viviane Houle (voice), Pepe Danza (winds/percussion), and Peggy Lee (cello).


Screening: Friday, September 2

Igor Stravinsky’s translation of the Faustian tale into a mundane context, where a soldier’s experiences as he struggles with temptation are more like our own. This is a Faust we can feel sorry for! Featuring live accompaniment by Stefan Smulovitz (viola/laptop), Viviane Houle (voice), Pepe Danza (winds/percussion), Peggy Lee (cello), with naration by Andrew Laurensen.


Screening: Saturday, September 3

Sweeping shots of nature clash with images of city grids, factories and cars flying down busy streets: modern life is out of balance. Godfrey Reggio collaborates with cinematographer Ron Frike (Baraka) to create a defining cinematic tale of life inside modern technology, our “beautiful beast.” Featuring live accompaniment by Chris Kelly (sax/laptop), Randall Schmid (guitar), Pete Schmitt (bass), Skye Brooks (drums)


Screening: Sunday, September 4

Based on the 1905 failed uprising against tsarism in Russia, this landmark film dramatises the historical mutiny of Battleship Potemkin’s malnourished crew. Director Sergei Eisenstein, master of metaphor and montage, captures the strength and the spirit of humanity in a symphony of images. Featuring live accompaniment by the SSN Monster Orchestra with conductor Coat Cooke and assistant conductors Giorgio Magnanensi and Stefan Smulovitz.