The Living Room


Cats for the Living RoomThe Living Room is a mixer-slash-mingler-slash-meeting where artists can discuss topics that are important to our theatre community. Each event is centred around a specific theme. Rumble invites all artists to join us for these fun and stimulating evenings of conversation and community-building. It’s a great opportunity to connect, network, and share news in a casual and fun environment.

Stay tuned for details about 2020-21’s Living Room series.




The 2019-20 Living Rooms

October 7, 2019 – Identity Play
We kicked off this year’s Living Room series with a session entitled “Identity Play”. Who are you? Who are we? Who’s behind the scenes? Does it matter? How do we demonstrate our positionality in the creation of art? Our AD Jiv was joined by Chelsea Haberlin (Neworld Theatre) and Emelia Symington Fedy (The Chop).

February 24, 2020 – Whose Show Is It, Anyway?
We were delighted to welcome Maiko Yamamoto to our Living Room for this session. Maiko is one of our leading local theatre artists and a recent winner of the Siminovitch Prize (along with her co-AD at Theatre Replacement, James Long). We talked with Maiko about identifying audiences for our work. Some questions covered included: Who is your show made for? Who’s your audience? Local? National? International? What’s the difference anyway?

May 4, 2020 – Interior Design
In the midst of COVID-19 restrictions, we took this session online for a “Living Zoom”. Designers Shizuka Kai and Robert Leveroos joined host Christie Watson to chat about designing with found materials, puppetry, and more.


The Living Room is co-produced by the Greater Vancouver Professional Theatre Alliance.