Directors’ Lab 2016 – Call for Submission

Laura McLean, Corey Payette, Milton Lim, Genevieve Fleming and Ron Jenkins. Directors' Lab 2014 (Photo by Tim Matheson)

Laura McLean, Corey Payette, Milton Lim, Genevieve Fleming and Ron Jenkins. Directors’ Lab 2014 (Photo by Tim Matheson)

Rumble Theatre invites applications from emerging directors to participate in the fifth instalment of Directors’ Lab, a week-long intensive of in-studio workshops, rehearsals, investigations, and roundtable discussions facilitated by a Master Director.



2015/16 Living Rooms

Are you an emerging artist? Do you want to meet other emerging artists? Hang out? Talk about important stuff? The Living Room is a spiffy get-together that Rumble holds a few times a year where you can do that. We spread out some rugs in our studio, play some music, eat chips and drink cheap beer. We invite a couple of established artists from the professional theatre community to join us, so it’s your chance to get to know them, too! Each night will take on a different topic to learn more about the business and helps us dig deeper into our art. It’s informative, inspiring and fun. You should join us!


Directors’ Lab 2016

Facilitated by Kim Collier
February 15 – 20th, 2016
Progress Lab 1422 (PL1422)

The 2016 Directors’ Lab will be geared specifically towards Vancouver-based emerging directors who want to get rigorous with the foundations of their craft, unhindered by production and scenographic considerations. Using an established text as a working model, the Lab will focus on the director’s preparation process, early stages of rehearsal and assessment and critique of the work. Over five days, participants will discuss principles of directing, examine and analyze a text, rehearse scenes with an ensemble of actors and reflect on the processes.

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