Announcing Our 2015/2016 Season

We are thrilled to announce our programming for Rumble Theatre’s 25th season! Here’s what Artistic Director Stephen Drover has to say about what’s happening in 2015/16:

“I feel very blessed (and somewhat bewildered!) that I get to be the one sitting in this chair for Rumble’s 25th season of vital and rigourous theatre. When I first came to Vancouver, Rumble was celebrating its 10th anniversary and I was so impressed and excited by the calibre of brilliant, incisive work it was generating. Now, here we are fifteen years later. A quarter century of theatre and Rumble show no signs of slowing down. Time flies.

This upcoming season has got me very excited. I can’t wait to get into the rehearsal room with actors to work on Mike Bartlett’s honest, beautiful, surprisingly theatrical play Cock; I’m stoked to welcome Toronto director Weyni Mengesha to lead our Directors’ Lab with a promising group of young directors; I’m chomping at the bit to host more Living Room events for an inspiring emerging artist community; and I’m beyond thrilled to be developing a new adaptation of Titus Andronicus with one of my favourite playwrights, Colleen Murphy. (Right!? Pretty freaking lucky, I’ll allow.)

For me, Rumble’s programming is about asking ‘What does it mean to be here, now, today?’ By orienting ourselves in time – honouring how past, present and future informs who we are – we can maybe see how complicated and beautiful contemporary life is.”

Rumble Theatre – 2015/16 Season Programming

by Mike Bartlett

Oct 29 – Nov 8, 2015
Performance Works

John has been in a stable relationship with his boyfriend for a number of years. But when he takes a break, he accidentally falls in love with a woman. Torn between the two, filled with guilt and conflicting emotions, he doesn’t know which way to turn. His boyfriend is willing to wait for him to make a decision, but so is his girlfriend. And both are prepared to fight to keep him. As the pressure mounts, a dinner with both parties is arranged, and everyone wants to know: Who is John? What is he? And what will his decision be? Winner of the 2010 Lawrence Olivier Award, Cock brilliantly questions the dual nature of sexuality and the complexities of love in the modern world.

A Wilderness of Tigers – Public Reading
by Colleen Murphy
adapted from Titus Andronicus

February, 2016

A Wilderness of Tigers is Rumble’s second commission of an original Canadian adaptation of a classical text. Shakespeare’s graphic and bloody story of war and revenge is given a new treatment at the hands of Governor General Award winner Colleen Murphy (The December Man, Beating Heart Cadaver, Pig Girl). A Wilderness of Tigers is a brutal exploration of pride and the self-perpetuating nature of vengeance.  Setting the atrocities of Titus as a children’s game, Murphy will highlight how hatred can be inherited from our ancestors and passed on to our children.

We will be presenting a public workshop reading of A Wilderness of Tigers in February, 2016 in preparation for a full mainstage production in 2016/2017.

Directors’ Lab
With Master Director Weyni Mengesha

March 21 – 25, 2016

Rumble Theatre’s Emerging Directors’ Lab is a series of in-studio workshops, rehearsals, investigations and roundtable discussions facilitated by a Master Director. It is a workshop for Vancouver-based emerging directors who want to get rigorous with the foundations of their craft, unhindered by production and scenographic considerations. We will be accepting applications for Directors’ Lab in early 2016.

The Living Room
Topics to be announced

September 14, 2015; Nov 16, 2015; Mar 21, 2016; and May 16, 2016

The Living Room is a mixer-slash-mingler-slash-meeting for emerging artists to engage with one another on topics that are important to them and to connect, network and share news in a casual and fun environment. Rumble Theatre invites all artists who self-identify as “emerging” to join us for these fun and stimulating evenings of conversation and community-building. Each event is centered around a theme that is relevant to the emerging community and features an established artist to discuss and add some insight on the topic.

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