Directors’ Lab

The work of a director can be summed up in two very simple words. Why and How.

Peter Brook

Rumble Theatre’s Directors’ Lab is a series of in-studio workshops, rehearsals, investigations and roundtable discussions facilitated by a Master Director. It is a workshop for Vancouver-based emerging directors who want to get rigorous with the foundations of their craft, unhindered by production and scenographic considerations. Using an established text as a working model, the Lab focuses on the director’s preparation process, early stages of rehearsal and assessment and critique of the work. Over five days, participants discuss principles of directing, examine and analyze a text, rehearse scenes with an ensemble of actors and reflect on the processes.

This new iteration of Directors’ Lab is an exciting component of Rumble’s Mentorship Program, designed to catalyze relationships between emerging and established artists and facilitate young artists’ transition to a professional career.



Rumble is pleased to announce that Directors’ Lab 2020 will be led by 2019 Siminovitch Prize laureate Maiko Yamamoto. Entitled “Directing from the Inside > Out”, the Lab will take place February 24 – 28, 2020 at Progress Lab 1422 in Vancouver.

Starting from autobiographical material and found texts, participants will be immersed in a practice of adapting this material into performance. The masterclass will explore the integration of narrative and counter narrative and the adaptive cohesion of dramaturgical form in the creation of new works. The masterclass will also include discussions with guest artists around dramaturgy, design, and defining one’s audience.

The guiding questions for this year’s masterclass are:

1) BUILDING CONTENT: How do you build performance from autobiographical / biographical material and/or lived experience?

2) FINDING FORM: How does this content become structured into compelling performance and navigate larger concepts and broader questions?

3) ENTERING DIALOGUE: How do FORM and CONTENT come together through direction, with considerations of design and production elements, and become a full performance with a consciousness of intended audience?


Maiko Yamamoto seated.

Maiko Yamamoto


Since 2003, Maiko has been an Artistic Director of Theatre Replacement, a company she formed with fellow artist James Long. The company’s work has focused on building new, experimental and intercultural performances that react to contemporary existence through a highly evolved and extended process of collaboration, and explores unique and challenging ways of using content and staging material. In addition to her work with T/R, Maiko directs, writes, teaches, mentors and creates contemporary performance for and with a diverse range of companies and institutions, including the National Theatre School, Company 605, the Vancouver Art Gallery and the MAKE Artists Residency in Ireland, among others. She holds a BFA in Theatre from Simon Fraser University’s School for the Contemporary Arts and a MAA in Visual Art from Emily Carr University of Art + Design.


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