Produced by Rumble Theatre

October 28 – 31, 2020
Online + Live | PL1422 at 1422 William Street, Vancouver, BC


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A celebration of performance and unmaking

Rumble is pleased to present the 2020 edition of Tremors, running online and out of our home base of PL1422, from Oct 28 to 31. This year’s festival switches gears from full-length plays to focus on eight new works in development from up-and-coming artists. Join us to get a first look at some of the amazing work percolating in our live performance scene!

Our exciting program of multidisciplinary work—including theatre, dance, music, video, and Virtual Reality—highlights the intersections of art and performance and explores not only the creation process but the politics and philosophies behind it. The lineup includes:


  • 100 YT GUYS IN AN HOUR – Rage Sweater Theatre Productions
  • Attachments – Dusty Foot Productions
  • Danceboy: First Dance – Munish Sharma/Danceboy company
  • Low Grade Euphoria – The Public Swoon
  • Origins: V – Immigrant Lessons
  • the fire that runs through Joshua  Ongcol
  • The time it takes me to get to you – Subjects of History
  • Underground Absolute Fiction: A Video ‘Zine – Anais West


All of the performances will be available for festival passholders to view online from October 28 to November 11. Book your free festival pass to gain access to the suite of performance videos.

Additionally, from October 28 to 31, we will be hosting screenings of the performances along with artist chats at PL1422, starting at 6:30pm. Each Tremors project will be featured on one of the four nights. These “viewing parties” can be enjoyed online (Zoom links will be made available to festival passholders)—or live, for a very limited number of guests. 


Wednesday, October 28 – Rage Sweater Theatre Productions (100 YT GUYS IN AN HOUR) and Subjects of History (The time it takes me to get to you)

Thursday, October 29 – Anais West (Underground Absolute Fiction), The Public Swoon (Low Grade Euphoria), and Joshua Ongcol (the fire that runs through)

Friday, Oct 30 – Danceboy company (Danceboy: First Dance) + Immigrant Lessons (Origins: V)

Saturday, Oct 31 – Dusty Foot Productions (Attachments)


COVID-19 health and safety protocols are in place in order for us to offer this live component to the festival. Audience size will be extremely limited (and registration in advance is a must). Masks must be used if physical distancing cannot be maintained. We will be gathering outdoors (but under shelter), so please dress for the weather.

If you’re interested in joining us as part of our live but limited-sized audience, you can book here. Admission is free but pre-registration is required.


Tony Adams, KP Dennis, and Monica Ogden.

Rage Sweater Theatre Productions

100 YT GUYS IN AN HOUR is a high energy musical comedy that reclaims BIPOC history while deconstructing the colonial white supremacist system of thought. From Colonizer Columbus to the Jonas Brothers, Billy Ray Cyrus to yt Jesus, 100 YT GUYS uses sketch comedy, music, and projection and dissects yt history as we’ve been taught it. It is a celebration of BIPOC truth, stories, futures, and histories that will never be erased.

Creative team: KP Dennis (Creator/Performer), Monica Ogden (Creator/Performer), Tony Adams (Designer/Stage Manager).


Attachments, featuring performers Jennifer Tong & Johnny Wu. Photo Credit: Patricia Trinh. Photo Edit: Alysson Hall.

Dusty Foot Productions

This new play-in-development follows six queer characters as they navigate an intersectional polyamorous relationship. It opens on Frankie’s 30th birthday, at which she learns that her best friend is throwing her a surprise party – and inviting all of her lovers and her lovers’ lovers. In the calm before the chaos, the queer children have dinner with their parents. This new work simultaneously dissects how our first relationship with our parental figures bleeds into all of our future relationships, and explores the struggles and privileges between class, culture, gender and generation in queer polyamorous relationships.

Creative team: Patricia Trinh (Playwright, Director, Producer), Kate Boutilier (Stage Manager), Maddison Silva (Lighting Designer), Jennifer Tong (Performer), Johnny Wu (Performer), Katrina Teitz (Performer), María Escolán (Performer), Rosie Pidcock (Performer), Donia Kash (Performer).


Munish Sharma in Danceboy: First Dance.

Danceboy: First Dance
Danceboy company

Danceboy loves to party, but most of all he loves to Dance! This solo show written and performed by Munish Sharma is an eclectic mix of poetry, story, and dance. An earlier excerpt,  Danceboy: Shots Edition,  was presented in 2019 at the Vancouver Art Gallery’s Spring FUSE.  Danceboy: First Dance is a presentation of the first thirty minutes of the evolving show.

Creative team:  Gavan Cheema (Director), Priya Pranjivan (Choreography), Munish Sharma (Performer/Writer).  


Low Grade Euphoria by The Public Swoon.

Low Grade Euphoria
The Public Swoon

Low Grade Euphoria is a series of short videos conjuring pleasure, care and companionship against a backdrop of COVID-isolation. With imagery inspired by visual ASMR and the aesthetics of femme self-care, the videos bring together intimately-scaled dance performance, new music composition, handcraft, text, and design. Collaborating entirely at a distance, the project’s co-creators explored a process that prioritized artists as whole people. Artistic creation was adapted to fit the realities and rhythms of each other’s lives, inside and outside of the project. Low Grade Euphoria offers delight, discomfort, humour and softness: a set of small gifts for the present moment.

Creative team:  Stéphanie Cyr (Co-Creator), Kimia Koochakzadeh-Yazdi (Co-Creator, music & sound), Kyla Gardiner (Co-Creator), Barbara Adler (Co-Creator).  


Origins: V by Immigrant Lessons

Origins: V
Immigrant Lessons

Origins: V is a dance theatre, visual media, immersive exploration into a past that leaves echoes in the present. Seven street dance artists dive into their unique stories, and journey through intersections of identity, to uncover the similarities, together, through the mediums of dance, theatre, voice, spoken word, visual media, and archives of the memories passed down.

They will examine the cycles of such topics as immigration, systemic/intersectional oppression, colonialism/imperialism, colourism, generational trauma, and the ripple of how they affect the ways we interact in the present. How do we sift away the debris of generations ago? How do we stand in the truths of how it has affected us in the present? How do we hold space for one another as we peel back the layers of traumas passed down? How do we coexist?

Creative team: Kevin Fraser (Creative Direction & Videography), Sophia Gamboa (Interpreter/Cast & Videography), Sevrin Emnacen-Boyd (Interpreter/Cast), Simran Sachar (Interpreter/Cast), Tegvaran Singh (Interpreter/Cast), Hayden Pereira (Interpreter/Cast), Joshua Cameron (Interpreter/Cast), Sharon Lee (Interpreter/Cast), Tonye Aganaba (Mentor), Jillian Christmas (Mentor), Omari Newton (Mentor), Vanessa Yuen (Videography), Amine Bouzaher (Music), Jordan Lemoine (Music).


Joshua Ongcol

the fire that runs through
Joshua Ongcol

This project reflects on the resiliency of growing up as an immigrant through the body of Joshua Ongcol who identifies as a queer filipinx immigrant. Inside the immigrant body are the opposing stories of revolution and appeasement. This project provides a dynamic navigation through colonization and Joshua’s ancient lineage. There are ways of being, there are shapes and there are movements one needs to move through in order to interact and survive the colonial story both here and now as well as in the past. This piece chariots resiliency even within the confines of secrecy and the barrage of the model minority.

Creative team: Joshua Ongcol (Creator/Performer), David Smith (Mentor),  Su-Feh Lee (Mentor), Eddy van Wyk (Dramaturge), Emme Asuncion (Cloth Design).    


The time it takes me to get to you by Subjects of History.

The time it takes me to get to you
Subjects of History

Live performances can lead to shared emotional and somatic experiences. What are the implications if politics is understood as a form of public performance? At what point do our bodies make decisions on our behalf, bypassing what we think we believe, revealing more suppressed values? And if live performance can connect us in such fundamental ways, can it also nurture our capacity to respond creatively to political extremism? The time it takes me to get to you is an immersive, transdisciplinary work being developed in VR. It is our response to the marked rise in Fascism.

 Creative team:Laura June Albert (Co-Creator), mia  susan  amir (Co-Creator & Sound Designer), Alexa Solveig Mardon (Co-Creator), Veronique West (Co-Creator), Jivesh Parasram (Dramaturg), Ruby Singh (Projection Designer & Sound Editor)), Carmen Papalia (Artistic Accessibility Consultant), Mimi Abrahams (Scenography & Lighting Design), Sean Ronan (Technical Director), Hammer & Tong (Technical Design & Production).


Sara Vickruck and Claire Love Wilson in Underground Absolute Fiction by Anais West. Photo: Kimberly Ho.

Underground Absolute Fiction: A Video ‘Zine
Anais West
In association with the frank theatre company

Queers in Communist Poland used self-published magazines to organize, get laid, and forge a sense of identity. In the wake of the arrest of Polish trans activist Margot, a Polish-Canadian settler uses a fractured, video narrative to seek answers. Through letters, social media posts, and the music videos of a queer punk band, Underground Absolute Fiction complicates notions of “queer.” Created by Anais West, co-writer of Jessie Award-nominated musical Poly Queer Love Ballad, the show questions whether queerness can connect us across cultural rifts, or if it is just another site of Western Imperialism.

Creative team:  Anais West (Writer, Lyricist & Producer), Fay Nass (Director), Christian Yves Jones (Videographer), khattieQ (Music Director), Veronique West (Dramaturg), Julia Siedlanowska (Cultural Consultant), Claire Love Wilson (Performer), Sara Vickruck (Performer/Music Adaptation & Transcription), Eric Biskupski (Audio Engineer), Kimberly Ho (Stylist).



Debbie Courchene   Production Manager
Shanae Sodhi   Producer
Andie Lloyd   Co-Technical Director
Anthony Lee   Co-Technical Director
Faizal Gowlani   Box Office & Audience Relations
Howard Dai   Website Development
Michael Groberman   Research Associate
Truong Nguyen   Graphic Designer