Call for Submissions: Lupercalia – Untrue Stories Live

Event Description:

A night where we gather to share stories.

Rumble is accepting submissions for its second New Creation Night. It’s something like a storytelling night, only the stories don’t have to be true. But they can be, because there’s always a little truth in fiction. 

Our first event “Liminal Magic” paid respects to the night. It was Hallow’s Eve. It was Samhain. It was underneath the moonlight, that magic space in-between this world and another. Vibing on that same frequency, for the second iteration, we are honouring the origins of V Day “Lupercalia.” It will pay respects to the original heartbeat, sacrifices in love, the liminal space in love. It’s red. It’s revenge. It’s raw. It’s rare. It’s radical. It’s the rhythm of the night – its own kind of magic.


We strongly encourage works including:

Creative Fiction
Futurism and Afrofuturism
Storytelling and Fable
Underrepresented and Experimental Forms of Storytelling

Works should have a maximum running time of 12 minutes

PLEASE NOTE: Applicants whose project draws on or shares traditional knowledge must be able to verify adequate permissions to share this story in public. 

We strive to make our events accessible to all artists, including D/deaf artists, artists with lived experiences of disability, neurodivergent artists and artists on the mental health spectrum; and are happy to make accommodations based on the access needs of our selected artists, including ASL interpretation. We especially encourage submissions from QTIBPOC. 

We will select three pieces.



  1. We select story concepts submitted by you.
  2. Selected Artists write a piece (maximum 12 minutes). 
  3. Pieces will be performed by the writer or another artist as you see fit. 
  4. We will provide an additional fee for a collaborative artist of your choice. 
  5. Live Underscoring/Musical Accompaniment will be incorporated for sonic mood/tone. 
  6. This all happens LIVE AND IN PERSON! 
  7. Everything gets recorded and broadcast out at a later date for access.
  8. We host pieces on our podcast platform. You maintain full creative rights to your piece!



Submission Deadline: January 7th 2022
Selection Announcement : January 14th
1st Draft Script Deadline: February 4th
Rehearsal Dates: February 21st – 24th [Minimum 4 HR per piece]
Tech/Dress: February 23rd & 24th [Evening]
Event Date: February 25th & 26th  [Evening]
Outdoor Event Location: Progress Lab 1422 William Street

Artists must be available for a minimum of 4 hours of on-site rehearsal between February 21st – 24th.

In addition, Artists must be available for Tech/Dress and the Event.


Selected Applicants will receive:

Commissioning Fee ($1,500)
Collaborating Artist Fee ($1,000)

Please Note: This format is ideally suited to direct address, monologues or lecture based work, but could support two-handers or dialogue based work.



Please fill out the following form: 

Submission Form for Lupercalia


Or submit ONE pdf with the following information to New Creation Night Artistic Producer Tricia Trinh at 


  1. Tell us who you are
  2. Give us a short description of what you want to create/do
  3. Let us know if there is a collaborating artist you will be working with and what their role is
  4. Send us something to get to know you a bit better:

This could be:
-past writing
-video or audio of you performing/ your work being performed
-Phone Recording of you reading something you care about

For further information: or email 

We will be in touch with selected applicants by January 14th 2022.


Example Application: 

  1. Tell us who you are:

My name is Jiv Parasram, I’m an Indo-Caribbean theatre creator based in Vancouver.


  1. Give us a short description of what you want to make (anything you can tell us helps):

I want to do a short piece subtly set in a dystopian world where Robots have replaced labour and society is further removed from its connection with the natural world, and there is mass unemployment due to automation. But it’s told from the perspective of a self-cash out machine who is having an existential crisis about taking jobs from humans because they’ve fallen in love with a human. 


  1. Let us know if there is a collaborating artist you would like to work with and what their role is.

I’d like to work with a Puppeteer or a Costume/Makeup Designer to represent the Self-Cash Machine. 


I’d like to Perform this Myself   [   ]

I’d like someone else to perform it  [ X ]