Rumble’s mentorship program catalyzes relationships between emerging and established artists and facilitates young artists’ transition to a professional career. We believe that the key to a healthy, sustainable theatre community is the cultivation of new talent. Mentoring emerging artists is an investment in the long-term prosperity of both our company and theatre as an art form.

Rumble will mentor emerging artists through the following initiatives:

Mentorship Philosophy

Mentorship responds to the needs of the protégé and the mentor. In order for it to be a true relationship – to promote mutual generosity – it needs to be mutually beneficial, to strike a balance.

Mentorship should endeavor to answer a community need. The products of the mentorship should be viewed as something that will benefit the community-at-large – in our case, the Vancouver theatre community.

The mentor must always lead by example and be constantly positioned as a guiding voice. A mentor is not a peer or a colleague but a leader, one who has already learned and experienced. However, a valuable mentor is one who recognizes his or her own ongoing development. The mentor must approach the emerging/established relationship as an opportunity to grow as an artist and must see the protégé as a valuable teacher. Thus, mentorship requires humility.

The currency of mentorship is time. It is something to be budgeted and allocated with due care, attention and generosity.

Balance. Benefit. Humility. Time.

Goals of Mentorship Program

1) Showcase   – to share the work of emerging artists with professional colleagues in the community and with theatre audiences.

2) Develop      – to provide ongoing professional development to emerging artists

3) Connect      – to facilitate relationships between emerging and established artists, the professional theatre community and Vancouver audiences.